Jim Williams' contributions to EDN

- May 30, 2012

Jim Williams was a staff scientist at Linear Technology Corp, where he specialized in analog-circuit and instrumentation design. He served in similar capacities at National Semiconductor, Arthur D Little, and the Instrumentation Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A former student at Detroit's Wayne State University, Williams enjoyed sports cars, art, collecting antique scientific instruments, sculpture, and restoring old Tektronix oscilloscopes.

Williams' long and productive association with EDN started in 1975. (In his 2005 article entitled "Something from nothing," he relayed the pain involved in developing each article.) This archive page, though impressive, merely encompasses Williams' output since 1994; EDN content prior to that is not (yet) digitized.

At 63 years of age, Williams passed away in June 2011 after a stroke. EDN's audience honored Williams' life and work in this obituary celebrating the contributions he made to engineering, analog, and the world.

In addition to reader accolades, articles by Williams have received frequent honors in the Best Contributed Article category in EDN's annual awards, including "Minimizing switching-regulator residue in linear-regulator outputs" (2005), "The taming of the slew" (2003), "Designing instrumentation circuitry with rms/dc converters" (2007), and "Simple circuitry for cellular-telephone/camera-flash illumination" (2004). EDN's ACE Awards now present the Jim Williams Contributor of the Year award annually.

Analog guru and former EDN editor Paul Rako also offered a peek at Jim Williams' desk circa 2007.


Jim Williams: The light side and classic electronics art sculptures

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Precisely measure settling time to 1 ppm

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Characterizing noise in high-performance voltage-reference ICs

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Application engineers: serving the customer

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Jim Williams on the changing role of application engineering


Diode-turn-on-time-induced failures in switching regulators

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High-voltage, low-noise dc/dc converters

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Novel measurement circuit eases battery-stack-cell design

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