Mission to Mars: NASA engineering and the Red Planet

- August 10, 2012

Sci-Fi had it all wrong. It’s not Martians who invaded Earth, but Earthlings who are visiting the Red Planet.

NASA’s Curiosity rover landed on the fourth planet from the sun early on August 6, 2012, eastern time, and began communicating with its Mars Science Lab, passing valuable data and photos back to Earth.

Just how did NASA get its Curiosity rover on Mars and how does its Mars Science Lab operate? And what other missions have made it to the Red Planet? Read through this collection of EDN content on the topic of Mars exploration through engineering.


NASA’s launch complex 39B: Paving our path to Mars

  • 08.10.2017

Get an exclusive look at NASA's Launch Complex 39B, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. Read More...


Curiosity Rover lands on Mars, August 6, 2012

  • 08.06.2017

On this day in tech history, NASA's Curiosity Rover touched down on Mars after an eight-month, 352-million-mile journey. Read More...

NASA launches Phoenix spacecraft, August 4, 2007

  • 08.04.2017

On this day in tech history, the Phoenix spacecraft was launched aboard a Delta II rocket, starting its nine-month, 423 million-mile journey to Mars. Read More...

Man’s endeavor to live beyond planet Earth

  • 07.21.2017

NASA Earth-independent activities are building on what they learn on the International Space Station and in deep space to enable human missions to the Martian surface. Read More...

Mariner 4 flies by Mars, July 14, 1965

  • 07.14.2017

On this day in tech history, American space probe Mariner 4 passed within 6,200 miles of Mars, capturing the first close-up images of the Martian surface. Read More...

NASA launches Spirit Mars Rover, June 10, 2003

  • 06.10.2017

On this day in tech history, the Spirit Rover was launched, beginning NASA's Mars Exploration Rover mission, which also launched the Opportunity Rover to the Red Planet. Read More...

Mars 3 launches, May 28, 1971

  • 05.28.2017

On this day in tech history, the USSR launched Mars 3, the first spacecraft to attain soft landing on Mars. Some 40 years later, amateur space enthusiasts rummaging through publicly available archived images may have identified Mars 3 lander debris on the surface of the planet. Read More...

NASA’s Spirit rover lands on Mars, January 4, 2004

  • 01.04.2017

On this day in tech history and before NASA’s Curiosity rover, the Spirit rover landed on Mars and began a mission that lasted more than 20 times longer than anticipated. Read More...


Mars Observer launches, September 25, 1992

  • 09.25.2016

On this day in tech history, NASA’s Mars Observer probe launched; 11 months later contact was lost before its primary objectives could be achieved. Read More...

Viking 2 lands to explore Mars, September 3, 1976

  • 09.03.2016

On this day in tech history, Viking 2 landed on Mars at Utopia Planitia to begin its mission and look for evidence of life. Read More...


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