NASA: Revealing the unknown to benefit all humankind

- October 01, 2012

NASA's stated vision is: To reach for new heights and reveal the unknown so that what we do and learn will benefit all humankind.

Indeed, since its founding in 1958, it has reached that goal numerous times over. From walking on the moon to landing on Mars, NASA has brought the wonders of space to people on Earth for decades.

We celebrate all that NASA has contributed and the engineering behind its accomplishments in this collection of content.

Also see “Mission to Mars: NASA engineering and the Red Planet” for more content specifically about NASA’s exploration of Mars.

Be sure to watch the EDN Moments blog, which highlights notable events in history, many of which pertain to NASA.


Space Shuttle Discovery takes off for 1st time, August 30, 1984

  • 08.30.2015

On this day in tech history, NASA’s Space Shuttle Discovery took off for the first time, beginning what would become 27 years of reliable service. Read More...

Lunar Orbiter 1 takes 1st photo of Earth from moon orbit, August 23, 1966

  • 08.23.2015

On this day in tech history, NASA’s Lunar Orbiter 1 took the first photograph of Earth from orbit around the moon, although that was not its intended mission.Read More...

Voyager 2 launches, August 20, 1977

  • 08.20.2015

On this day in tech history, NASA’s Voyager 2 space craft launched, beginning what has turned into a celebrated ongoing interstellar mission. Read More...


Pioneer 0 moon orbiter explodes, August 17, 1958

  • 08.17.2015

On this day in tech history, the Pioneer 0 space probe was launched on a Thor missile by the US Air Force, only to explode less than 74 seconds into its mission to orbit the moon. Read More...

New Horizons spacecraft's power issues make yours look trivial

  • 08.14.2015

The power subsystem of the New Horizons spacecraft, which just flew past Pluto, didn't get as much attention as the images and data, or the mission, but it's a fascinating story in itself. Read More...


Apollo 11 celebration begins, August 13, 1969

  • 08.13.2015

On this day in tech history, a 45-day celebration known as the "Giant Leap" tour began in NY, honoring the crew of Apollo 11 and the moon landing. Read More...

NASA’s 1st successful communications satellite launched, August 12, 1960

  • 08.12.2015

On this day in tech history, Echo 1A, NASA's first successful communications satellite, was launched as a passive communications reflector to relay transcontinental and intercontinental telephone, radio, and television signals between points on Earth.Read More...


NASA’s Magellan encounters Venus, August 10, 1990

  • 08.10.2015

On this day in tech history, the Magellan space probe reached Venus and began its radar mapping mission of the planet. Read More...

Lunar Prospector deliberately crashes, July 31, 1999

  • 07.31.2015

On this day in tech history, NASA’s Lunar Prospector was deliberately crashed into the moon in the hope that the impact would release water vapor from suspected ice deposits. Read More...

NASA is established, July 29, 1958

  • 07.29.2015

On this day in tech history, President Eisenhower signed the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958 which established the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Read More...

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