Readers' Choice 2012: Jokes about engineers, iPhone 5, 30 years of DSPs, more

- December 06, 2012

What a year 2012 was for engineering and engineers! We laughed (at jokes from our community), we cried (when designs just didn’t work out), and we learned, as we always do, through exchanging ideas and knowledge. Take a look back at 2012 and what the year brought for engineers with this collection of most-clicked-on EDN content.


Temp and voltage variation of ceramic caps, or why your 4.7-uF part becomes 0.33 uF

  • 11.26.2012

A few years ago, after more than 25 years of working with these things, I learned something new about ceramic capacitors. I was working on an LED light-bulb driver and the time constant of an RC circuit in my project simply did not seem to be right. Read More...


Forgotten Circuits (that should be brought back)

  • 11.12.2012

As electronics technology matures, it shows some signs of aging. As innovation wanes, breakthroughs grow farther apart in time and risk-taking decreases. In earlier decades, some IC companies were willing to put some unusual and conceptually novel parts on the market. Read More...


5 Engineers: Who is better for engineering and tech: Obama or Romney?

  • 10.12.2012

Strictly in terms of science, technology, engineering, and math, and not regarding the hot button issues that seem to make up most political debates, whose election would do more to better the world?Read More...


Slideshow: Historical test equipment and computers

  • 10.12.2012

Take a look at some highlights from an extensive collection of early minicomputers, mainframes, and instrumentation.Read More...


War of currents: Tesla vs Edison

  • 10.12.2012

A look at how Tesla and Westinghouse's polyphase alternating current system electricity battled Edison's direct current.Read More...


Designing a low-distortion audio output stage - Part 1: Introduction, the problem with push-pull outputs

  • 09.27.2012

In the first of four articles on a novel, highly linear power output stage suited to ultra-low-distortion audio power amplifiers, Kendall Castor-Perry looks at the first steps towards improving the linearity and quiescent stability of conventional push-pull output stages.Read More...

The Apple EarPods: Inside and out

  • 09.25.2012

Here's the take on Apple's new EarPods - the earphones announced along with the iPhone 5 - including a teardown of the EarPods, initial reviews, and patent information.Read More...


Teardown: Inside the Apple iPhone 5

  • 09.21.2012

A complete teardown and close-up look inside Apple's iPhone 5, including teardown images, estimated BOM, and A6 processor analysis.Read More...


Slideshow: Slide rules and charts - a personal collection

  • 09.21.2012

Retired EE Mort Hans presents a slide show of his collection of slide rules, calculators, slide charts, etc., all of which are his with the exception of the Battenberg.Read More...


Advanced graphics in automotive instrument clusters

  • 09.20.2012

This paper provides an overview of automotive instrument clusters with advanced graphic capabilities - today and in the foreseeable future.Read More...


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