Embedded Systems Conference

EDN staff- March 18, 2014

The Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) is the industry's largest and most comprehensive embedded technology conference in the United States. ESC is excited to announce the 2016 USA Conference Series, where the show will take place in not one, but three cities: Boston, April 13-14, Minneapolis, September 21-22, and Silicon Valley, December 7-8.

Each with tracks on different topics, the events will offer technical training, post-mortems, teardowns, and hands-on sessions on the latest software, hardware, tools, and techniques. 

This collection will preview the sessions you won't want to miss, and fill you in on everything you need to know from the events. Also included below is coverage of previous Embedded Systems Conference events.

The Embedded Systems Conference is managed by UBM, EDN's parent company. Follow updates about ESC programs and sessions on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.


Get a hands-on tutorial in FPGA design at ESC Silicon Valley

  • 12.02.2016

Attendees will first create a Verilog representation of an LFSR, and then upload this (and an 8-bit MCU) into an FPGA-based Arduino-compatible development board. Read More...


ESC Silicon Valley: Be creative by goofing off

  • 11.17.2016

At the Dec. 8 keynote address, Ransom Stephens will explain how to use your brain to solve bigger problems more effectively than you do now. Goofing off is an important part. Read More...


Mission to Pluto: An interview with New Horizons' “MOM”

  • 11.12.2016

I had a recent interview with Alice Bowman, NASA’s New Horizons Mission Operations Manager, and posed what I thought might be some interesting questions for our EDN audience regarding the New Horizons spacecraft. Read More...


ESC Boston 2016 in photos

  • 04.22.2016

See what you may have missed at ESC Boston with this photo recap of the event’s technical sessions, meet-ups, expo hall, and keynotes. Read More...

The Gerber behind the Gerber file format

  • 04.19.2016

At ESC Boston, David Gerber told the incredible story of his father, engineer and inventor H. Joseph Gerber, who escaped Nazi rule to pioneer computer automation in American industry. Read More...


Getting more out of our satellites

  • 04.15.2016

At ESC Boston, NASA’s Benjamin Reed laid out the plan to get more out of our satellites by sending robots up to service them. Read More...

ESC Boston day 2: test equipment

  • 04.14.2016

The exhibit floor or ESC Boston 2016 featured oscilloscopes from several manufacturers, and a modified oscilloscope from a calibration lab.Read More...


Design like a maker

  • 04.14.2016

To create the technologies to make the future we want possible, designers should follow makers’ lead, according to ESC Boston keynote speaker Kipp Bradford. Read More...

How does the ESC "Hello There!” badge work?

  • 04.07.2016

Discover the cornucopia of apps that will be pre-loaded onto the wirelessly networked ESC "Hello There!" badges. Read More...

Teardown: Behind the ESC collector's badge

  • 04.02.2016

The flashy networked attendee badge appearing at this year's ESC Boston gets a close look by EDN editor Rich Quinnell.Read More...


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