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Arduino: embedded engineering for all

EDN staff- March 27, 2014

Arduino is a leading open-source electronics prototyping platform and community based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software.

As a resource for designers and makers alike, Arduino has made embedded engineering accessible to everyone which has allowed for a wide range of interactive objects and environments to be created.

In this collection you'll find coverage of the products, the projects, and the movement inspired by Arduino. 


Humidity-sensing LED flower

  • 01.15.2015

Learn how to make your own LED flower that senses humidity with this DIY project. Read More...


Linduino is a USB-isolated Arduino

  • 08.11.2014

Linear Technology has developed the Linduino board to drive their ADCs and DACs as well as temp sensors and other devices. Read More...


Arduino-compatible development platform offers touch display, audio and MCU resource

  • 05.13.2014

Building on its Embedded Video Engine technology, FTDI Chip is introducing a series of Arduino-compatible development platforms.Read More...

Printoo: Printed electronics made Arduino compatible

  • 04.23.2014

A spin-out from YDreams, Ynvisible was founded in 2010 with the goal to bring more interactivity to everyday objects and surfaces, mostly through the use of flexible and printed electronics including the company’s fully transparent electrochromic display.Read More...

Arduino/Intel Galileo project monitors your inbox

  • 04.17.2014

This quick project melds a few of the Galileo’s unique features together. Read More...


Arduino shields

  • 03.25.2014

There’s a shield for that. Arduino shields are modular circuit boards that piggyback onto your Arduino to instill it with extra functionality. Read More...


Screw-block proto-shield for Arduino Kickstarter project is live!

  • 03.25.2014

The Universal Screw-Block Proto-Shield for Arduino Kickstarter project, which will be featured in EE Live!'s Gadget Smackdown, is now live. Read More...

A method of demonstrating transmission-line behavior on a dual-channel oscilloscope

  • 12.22.2013

In the past, demonstrations of standing-wave phenomena could be done using an actual, physical transmission-line setup called “Lecher Lines.”Read More...


*duino meets chipmakers: What's all this then?

  • 12.10.2013

Chipmakers seem to be taking an interest in the world of Arduino.Read More...


Arduino add-on board targets gaming

  • 12.09.2013

Scottish interface chip designer FTDI Chip has developed a gaming add-on board for the Arduino open-source development platform.Read More...

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