Oscilloscope articles by Arthur Pini

- April 29, 2016

Most electrical engineers use oscilloscopes on a regular basis, which makes them perhaps the most written-about piece of test equipment. Still, it seems you can never learn enough about how to use an oscilloscope. Former Teledyne LeCroy engineer Arthur Pini knows a thing or two about oscilloscopes and modular digitizers. He's written so many articles for EDN that he deserves his own collection. Here are EDN articles by Arthur Pini.


Analyze noise with time, frequency, and statistics

  • 05.02.2017

Random processes such as noise and jitter are associated with all electronic circuit components. Noise can be characterized using digital oscilloscopes utilizing tools that operate in time, frequency and statistical domains.Read More...


Vector signal analysis in an oscilloscope

  • 02.07.2017

See how a well-appointed oscilloscope can play the role of a complete vector-modulated-signal analysis system and experimentation laboratory.Read More...


Oscilloscope rise time and noise explained

  • 11.07.2016

Arthur Pini responds to an EDN reader who asked if the traditional relationship between rise time and bandwidth still applies. He also explains the relationship between rms and peak noise.Read More...


Digital oscilloscopes: When things go wrong

  • 10.27.2016

Learn how to avoid aliasing, false modulation, and false overshoot by properly using your oscilloscope settings.Read More...


FFTs and oscilloscopes: A practical guide

  • 09.29.2016

Understanding how oscilloscopes perform Fast Fourier Transforms lets you get the right results.Read More...


Modular AWGs: How they work and how to use them

  • 06.16.2016

Arbitrary waveform generators are inverse digitizers; the results you get depend on how you use them.Read More...

Oscilloscope tricks 21 to 30

  • 04.07.2016

Get more out of your oscilloscope than you ever imagined.Read More...


Create a stimulus-response system with an AWG and digitizer

  • 03.02.2016

Having both a stimulus signal and a measuring system lets you see how devices and system respond to known signals.Read More...


Measure frequency response on an oscilloscope

  • 12.10.2015

Through signal processing, you can use an oscilloscope to transform a signal captured in the time domain and display it in the frequency domain.Read More...


Analyze mechanical measurements with digitizers and software

  • 08.28.2015

Digitizers and software that produces time and frequency plots let you analyze mechanical systems and spot trouble before breakdowns occur. Read More...

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