Special Report: Top 25 global electronics component distributors

-May 06, 2013

Hello, and welcome back to another installment in the long-running Top 25 Distributors list, brought to you by EBN and hosted this year by our colleagues at EDN.

As you’ll see from the annual list, not too much changed amid the electronic components distribution landscape in 2012. Some companies lost revenue ground, and some gained—some significantly—but overall it was a flat year.

But the business itself—its internal challenges and opportunities—is wilder than ever, from shifting market and technology priorities, to regulatory and compliance challenges, to counterfeiting, to risk management, to crisis preparedness and management.

The stories inside this year’s issue help illuminate that and more.

Our overview story, which recalls Ulysses and the Sirens, delves into one of distribution’s biggest challenges today: how much to embrace the high-volume, low-margin, and highly volatile consumer electronics business.

Tam Harbert wonders whether any lessons from the Japan earthquake and tsunami and Thailand floods sunk in at all.

Longtime supply-chain editor and observer Barbara Jorgensen ties a neat thread between the two crucial halves of our world: the design chain and the supply chain. What are the conflicts between the two, and how do we resolve them? And Jennifer Baljko pens an in-depth look at the latest legislation, regulation, and strategy around anti-counterfeiting of components.

You can find these and more excellent supply-chain insights in this annual survey. And, every day, you can stay on top of the latest supply- and design-chain news and trends at EBNOnline.com. Enjoy.


global revenue

global revenue

% change
from 2011

11Avnet25,160.00 26,700.00 -5.8% www.avnet.com
22Arrow Electronics
20,405.13 21,390.26 -4.6% www.arrow.com
33WPG Holdings 12,397.80 11,111.90 11.6% www.wpgholdings.com
44Future Electronics
4,831.00 5,107.00 -5.4% www.futureelectronics.com
5 WT Microelectronics
2,800.69 2,365.65 18.4% www.wtmec.com
65Electrocomponents PLC
2,028.98 1,902.39 6.7% www.electrocomponents.com
77TTI Electronics
1,560.00 1,540.00 1.3% www.ttiinc.com
86Premier Farnell
1,544.60 1,574.44 -1.9% www.premierfarnell.com
98Digi-Key Corporation
1,417.00 1,536.00 -7.7% www.digikey.com
109Rutronik Electonics
1,100.75 1,026.82 7.2% www.rutronik.com
11 10 Mouser Electronics
615.00 582.00 5.7% www.mouser.com
12 12 Excelpoint Technology
584.80 489.40 19.5% www.excelpoint.com.sg
13 11 DAC
584.60 564.90 3.5% www.dac-group.com
14 13 Carlton-Bates
384.00 362.30 6.0% www.carlton-bates.com
15 14 Dependable Component Supply
334.50 327.00 2.3% www.dependonus.com
16 16 PEI Genesis
214.00 210.00 1.9% www.peigenesis.com
17 18Master Electronics
163.00 156.20 4.4% www.masterelectronics.com
18 17 Richardson Electronics
149.44 161.03 -7.2% www.rell.com
1919 Powell Electronics
120.00 120.00 0.0% www.powell.com
20 20 Bisco Industries
116.30 103.20 12.7% www.biscoind.com
21 21 Flame Enterprises
98.20 101.00 -2.8% www.flamecorp.com
22 22 Electro Sonic
70.00 75.00 -6.7% www.e-sonic.com
23 24 Hughes-Peters
63.00 59.00 6.8% www.hughespeters.com
24 25 Steven Engineering
51.00 49.00 4.1% www.steveneng.com
25 Hammond Electronics
35.90 37.90 -5.3% www.hammondelec.com
All revenue figures expressed in US$ millions

Methodology for Top 25 distributors survey:

The EBN Top 25 Distributors survey is conducted annually between March and April for publication online and in print. The listing ranks electronic component distributors by calendar-year sales; in the few cases where those numbers are unavailable, fiscal-year sales are used.

The data is collected via questionnaires that are e-mailed to private and public companies worldwide. The information provided is matched against public records; in cases where such records are unavailable, companies are asked to provide a signed letter confirming the numbers. EBN estimates the results for companies that do not complete the questions or that decline to offer letters confirming sales figures. Companies whose numbers cannot be independently verified are not ranked.

This story is part of the Special Report: Top 25 global electronics component distributors, brought to you by Avnet Electronics Marketing and in partnership with EBN. Read on to review the challenges and opportunities—from regulatory compliance, to counterfeiting, to risk management, and more—at work in design chain and the components industry.

View the 2014 Top 25 distributors list here.

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