Power in the supply chain from SEMICON West 2016

-July 16, 2016

I attended my first SEMICON West event in San Francisco the week of July 11th 2016. For me it was a very different and eye-opening experience to take an extensive view into the entire Supply Chain for Semiconductors. In a chain, the overall strength lies in the strength of the weakest link. At SEMICON West I experienced all of the diversified links in the chain from IC Design, Fabrication, Packaging, on to Test and Inspection and all the innovative equipment and creative tools that make the IC happen in volume and with reliability and a robust final product.

My first commentary on this event will be regarding the area of power since I am the Power Management Design Center editor on EDN. Here are some of my observations and experiences at SEMICON West regarding power in the supply chain.


TDK-Lambda had their Genesys Series of Programmable DC Power Supplies that range from 750W to 2400W.



From top to bottom we see TDK-Lambda Programmable Genesys DC power supplies: A 600V@1.3A with 780W of output power in a ½ rack form factor, a 60V@25A with 1500W of output power in a 1U full rack form factor and a 30V@110A with 3300W of output power in a 2U rack form factor. These types of supplies are used in R&D as well as on the production line and in quality control applications, just to name a few.

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