Hot technologies: Looking ahead to 2013

EDN Staff -December 10, 2012

This past year certainly saw its share of high-profile technology news. Headline-making items included the introduction of various consumer tablets and smartphones; the success of the Mars Curiosity rover; the discovery of the “God particle”; the release of the $25, credit-card-sized Raspberry Pi computer; and even a high-tech-enabled human base jump from the edge of space.

But there was also much more happening on the technology front. Here, EDN editors and guest contributors examine some of the hot trends and technologies in 2012 that will shape next year’s technology news. (On a related note, also see EDN's Hot 100 products of 2012.)

Mobile touch proliferates: Is UI design keeping pace? - Rich Pell
It’s not just about the hardware; a touch device’s operating system and applications need to be designed with that touch interface in mind.

Near-field communications to go far in 2013 - Suzanne Deffree
NFC has been around for 10 years, battling its own version of the chicken-and-egg question: Which comes first, the enabled devices or the applications?

Test it your way - Janine Love
A new class of instruments seeks to leverage the hardware that multiple traditional instruments have in common, using software to define the test functionality as needed.

More-than-Moore memory grows up - Brian Bailey
Moore’s Law may not be running out of steam, but it may be running out of money, as scaling to smaller geometries becomes more cost prohibitive.

Human-machine interfaces enter the third dimension - Stephen Evanczuk
Traditional human-machine interface devices that rely on 2D, x-y positional information could soon share your desktop or phone with a coming wave of HMI devices that let you work as you move — in three dimensions.

Wear your heart monitor on your sleeve - Steve Taranovich
AFE and MEMS devices have led the pack in miniaturization innovation this year, and one result has been a spate of health and wellness monitors that users can wear as unobtrusive accessories.

The future of power management in the Internet of Things - Alix Paultre
In the area of digital management and system communications, the electronic power-system industry is in the process of the largest technology integration since the introduction of the linear power supply.

M2M branches beyond one-to-one links - Carolyn Mathas
M2M is no longer a one-to-one connection but has evolved to become a system of networks transmitting data to a growing number of personal devices.

Opportunities abound in cloud “clutter” - Gene Frantz
Ultra-low-power processors are critical to enabling the proliferation of what could well be called the “clutter” around the cloud.

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