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-January 14, 2013

Design And Simulation: Do Circuits

    Key features:
  • Schematic capture
  • Circuit simulation
  • Ability to share circuits
  • Virtual benchtop instruments

DoCircuits offers a variety of components and tools for browser-based schematic capture and simulation. After building a circuit, the designer can drive the circuit and measure response using a set of "virtual lab tools" including a DC source, function generator and oscilloscope. The tool offers circuit simulations with time- and frequency-domain analysis.

Click to visit Do Circuits

Design And Simulation: iSchematics

    Key features:
  • Schematic capture
  • Circuit simulation
  • Ability to upload Spice models
  • Netlist export
  • Share circuits via direct link or Facebook
  • Library for posting or downloading circuits
  • Registration required to try

iSchematics' Spicy Schematics offers a full slate of circuit primitives for designing circuits. After completing a circuit, the designer can export a netlist as well as use the tool's internal Spice simulator to perform DC and AC sweeps as well as transient analysis. The tool offers a Spice model manager, which allows the user to view and modify existing models or create a new one on the fly.

Click to visit iSchematics

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