The 2013 DesignVision winners announced at DesignCon

EDN Staff -January 29, 2013

In typical startup fashion, Upverter and its CEO Zak Homuth likes to say, “We build better pickaxes for engineers that design hardware.” And true to its idealistic roots, “We passionately believe three things:

  1. Better tools will result in thousands upon thousands of better products.
  2. Collaboration matters; Great products don't get built through isolation, but through community.
  3. Engineering, like all professions, is moving to the cloud.

And so it follows that our story is about trying to raise the bar.”

To do so, they quit their day job and founded Upverter with the goal, “Of building absolutely the best tools for designing schematics, laying out PCBs, managing parts, simulating, verifying, and prototyping: Pickaxes for hardware engineers.”

Founded in the summer of 2010, the team spent the first year building the world’s first CAD tools in a web browser, it included a schematic editor, real-time collaboration, a small community, and an open source file format.

Year two was spent building the first collaborative layout tools, the first cloud simulation, and the first “insanely accessible electronics prototyping.”

It believes it has, “Stretched the boundaries of our original product into what are very likely the best ideation, collaboration, and logical design tools ever created.”

That’s quite a statement, and for brashness alone Upverter should win an award, but DesignVision Awards go to delivery of concept, and along with announcing its second product in November of 2012, Upverter has grown its community, helped start dozens of companies and thousands of new products, while hosting hackathons for the community at large.

Upverter has other goals too, with respect to legacy companies in the field, but we’ll let Upverter elaborate upon those. In the meantime, hat’s off and good luck to the Upverter team!

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