Reference designs vs. Design Ideas: Related, or not?

-July 09, 2013

Editor's Note: The results are in!

Some colleagues and I got to talking recently about the meaning and place of Design Ideas. Are DIs just germinal designs waiting to be adapted and modified by you? Or should they be more polished? This lead to a comparison with manufacturer-supplied reference designs, which, let's face it, can also run the gamut between “here’s a chip, good luck”, and shiny, production-ready schematics and layouts.

That got us thinking: if we upped the ante a bit and supplied reference designs as DIs on occasion, what exactly makes a satisfactory reference design these days? What should it comprise? So, you guessed it: A survey was summoned into existence, and we'd love you to spend a minute of your valuable time ticking off a few boxes, and even leaving a few comments if so moved. It's really short – one page, seven quick questions.

I'll post the results in a week or two – the state of reference designs. Are they the evolution of Design Ideas or a complementary, useful, adjunct? Do you want ready-to-roll, tested and qualified designs, or do you want a starting point for your own creation? Take the poll. Tell us!

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