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Hot technologies: Looking ahead to 2014

EDN staff -December 02, 2013

EDN Hot TechnologiesThe one thing this industry does not lack is inventiveness. With flexible electronics stretching the limits of imagination, energy storage devices offering advances in power, intelligent embedded-based manufacturing techniques, the IoT periphery, and more, 2013 proved once again just how innovative engineers and the ideas they bring to reality are.

As we move toward 2014, we look forward to more stretches of the imagination. Here, EDN editors explore some of the hot technologies in 2013 that will shape next year’s technology trends.

Each article offers the opportunity for you, members of the engineering community, to share your own thoughts about the technologies and devices presented, as well as on other hot technologies you see on the horizon.

Click through the below hot technologies articles and be sure to share your thoughts as we  look ahead to 2014.

Flexible electronics stretch the limits of imagination
Bringing together R&D, materials science, and product development, the promise of flexible electronics is only beginning to be conceived.

Energy storage devices are powering up
Moving forward, new developments must lower cost, shrink size, and increase reliability and life for energy storage devices, while also improving upon safety under temperature, vibration, overloading, and other harsh conditions.

Industry 4.0 is closer than you think
At first blush it seems that Industry 4.0 is yet another catchy title that may, a couple of decades or so from now, evolve into something. But, between the cloud, embedded software, the realities of IoT, and multi-continental interest in bringing 4.0 to the world is keen.

The push for performance, functionality in the IoT periphery
The Internet of Things conjures images of billions of smart devices, but just above these emerging IoT endpoints lies a critical layer providing data aggregation, analysis, and control.

Testing 1Gbps for everyone
LTE-A cellular and IEEE 802.11ac WiFi can provide 1Gbps peak download speeds for almost everyone, indoors and out. Test equipment is paving the way by providing RF measurements and generating signals.

3D printing expands beyond makers
Although technical and pricing challenges remain, 3D printing has evolved from a medium used by an exclusive few to a manufacturing trend that some believe will see significant growth in use in 2014.

Is it time for your watch to get smarter?
Smartwatches could be the next big thing in the consumer electronics market, but they need to get smarter to really take off.

Bitcoin: A technological and economic game changer?
Detractors say it's nothing more than a Ponzi scheme and doomed to fail, but Bitcoin's technology and open-source nature could prove to be a global economic game changer.

I'll take Watson for 2014, Alex
IBM's Watson wasn't just about winning Jeopardy. 2014 could see the beginning of a massive breakout of Watson technology in medical and many other applications.

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