EDN announces 2014 Best in Test Products

-January 29, 2014

Software/Embedded Test

x1149 Boundary Scan Analyzer, Agilent Technologies

ScanWorks Arium Real-Time Instruction Trace (RTIT) Debugger for Intel Silvermont, ASSET InterTech

ChipVORX for Bit Error Rate Tests, Goepel Electronic

ATEasy Test Executive and Development Studio 9.0, Marvin Test Solutions

Tessent Hybrid TestKompress/LogicBIST Solution, Mentor Graphics

Manchester and NRZ Configurable Decode, Teledyne LeCroy

Winner: x1149 Boundary Scan Analyzer, Agilent Technologies

Boundary scan has become an indispensable technology as engineers face increasing test access challenges. The x1149 boundary scan analyzer is a versatile yet easy to use board test tool. Unlike conventional benchtop boundary scan tools, the x1149 is designed to help users through board design and validation, and re-using the same x1149 test in manufacturing. This extends the return on invested capital for end-users and helps to save time and effort.

Offering an intuitive interface, the analyzer makes all information easily available on the screen with one mouse click.

Key features include:
  • Cover-Extend Technology and Silicon Nails capability.
  • STAPL player for CPLD/FPGA tests.
  • Scan Path Linker to link multiple chains into a single chain.
  • Fully compliant device support for IEEE 1149.1 and IEEE 1149.6 standard.
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