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See the crosstalk in 100GbE

Thrill to a real-time view of time-varying 25Gb/s crosstalk. Read More...

How much attenuation is too much?: Rule of Thumb #10

This rule of thumb enables us to estimate how much attenuation is in the loss budget of a serial channel. Read More...

Loss in a channel: Rule of Thumb #9

This rule of thumb enables us to estimate the attenuation at the Nyquist for a lossy, uniform channel. Read More...

Common PCB design mistakes

Here is a quick summary of some common PCB mistakes. Read More...

Keeping RF from leaking out the edges of your board

Istvan Novak figured out you should stitch resistors or RCs around the edge of a PCB so the RF would die when it hits its characteristic impedance. Read More...

Photonics or copper?

Here's a synopsis from the Optical System Technologies and Integration panel at DesignCon 2014, part of a new track introduced at the conference. Read More...

Cadence TimingVision supports high-speed PCB interface design

Cadence has announced a new TimingVision technology within the Allegro PCB Designer solution that can speed the timing closure of high-speed PCB Read More...

Infiniium gets user-interface upgrade

Agilent Technologies has changed its high-end oscilloscope user interface based on feedback from engineers. Read More...

DesignCon panel turns neophytes into high-speed experts

The high-speed PCB panel provided attendees some solid "big-picture" information to help ensure the success of their next gigabit design. Will you be Read More...

Total inductance in the return path: Rule of Thumb #7

This rule of thumb estimates the total inductance in the return path of a flat, wide conductor. Read More...

UFS closing in on mobile apps

Here's a review of a panel at DesignCon 2014 that looked at the latest developments in the JEDEC-defined storage solution known as universal flash Read More...

Modular instruments at DesignCon 2014

You might not expect to see modular instruments at DesignCon, but they do appear in the exhibit hall. Here's what we found at DesignCon 2014. Read More...

Memory shifts coming

New kinds of memory interfaces, memory chips, and processors are coming that will offer more performance and new capabilities for engineers who adopt Read More...

DesignCon 2014, even the badges are cool

DesignCon 2014, a show so cool even the badges can teach you electronics. Read More...

DesignCon 2016 is coming

Super Bowl L will take place across the street from the home of DesignCon. Which should get priority? Read More...

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