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UBM Tech

Tech Paper Title Type Date
In for the long term: What HTML5 means to the auto industry
QNX Software Systems
White Paper 04.08.2014
Designing Capacitive Touch Sensors using MBR in 5 Easy Steps
Cypress Semiconductor
White Paper 04.01.2014
Smart Grid Security: Communication and Security Capabilities at the OS Level
Mentor Graphics
White Paper 03.28.2014
Maximizing Solid State Media Life
Technology Paper 03.21.2014
Selecting the right material for DDR4 housings
DSM Engineering Plastics
Product Paper 03.06.2014
Optimize Thermal Management of ChiP Products
Vicor Corporation
Product Paper 03.01.2014
Design Challenges for Adding Relative Humidity Sensors
Silicon Labs
White Paper 02.26.2014
USB 3.1: Evolution and Revolution
White Paper 02.01.2014
Voice over LTE (VoLTE)
White Paper 02.01.2014
Intelligent Transportation Systems Using IEEE 802.11p
Rohde & Schwarz
Application Note 01.23.2014
Improving Embedded System Reliability with a Process Model-Based RTOS
Mentor Graphics
White Paper 01.22.2014
Achieving Accurate E-band Power Measurements with Agilent E8486A Waveguide Power Sensors
Agilent Technologies
Application Note 01.16.2014
Optimizing the Performance of Very Wideband Direct Conversion Receivers
Linear Technology
Application Note 01.16.2014
Addressing Next-Generation Memory Requirements Using Altera FPGAs and HMC Technology
Product Paper 01.01.2014
A Significant Technology Advancement in High-Speed Link Modeling and Simulation
White Paper 12.01.2013
3 Must-Follow Guidelines for Mitigating M2M Software Security Risks
White Paper 11.01.2013
Initial Evaluation of a DC/DC Switch Mode Power Supply
Rohde & Schwarz
Application Note 11.01.2013
How to Choose the Correct Topology for LED Drivers
Power Integrations
White Paper 09.10.2013
Versatile Industrial Power Supply Takes High Voltage Input and Yields from Eight 1A to Two 4A Outputs
Linear Technology
Application Note 08.28.2013
Challenges in Automotive Connectivity: Devices, Technologies, and the Connected Car
Mentor Graphics
White Paper 08.19.2013
Reducing Cost and Complexity with Industrial System Consolidation
Product Paper 07.30.2013
7 Ways a Test and Quality Management Platform Can Improve Your Bottom Line
Averna Technologies
Product Paper 05.01.2013
Complex Modulation Generation with Low-Cost Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Agilent Technologies
White Paper 08.27.2012
The Effective Number of Bits (ENOB)
Rohde & Schwarz
White Paper 04.11.2011
Key Parameters for Selecting RF Inductors
Coilcraft Inc.
Application Note 07.23.2008
DesignCon App