Baker's Best

- March 21, 2012

Baker's Best is written by Bonnie Baker, a senior applications engineer at Texas Instruments and author of A Baker’s Dozen: Real Analog Solutions for Digital Designers.


Manipulate analog filter gain to align op amps

  • 12.16.2015

When you try to optimize the selection of your amplifiers in active analog filters, you will see success, especially if you implement a gain into a multi-stage system.Read More...


Complete the simulation of your ADC with IBIS

  • 05.01.2015

In the digital domain, the input/output terminals of the SAR-ADC, connecting digital chips and PCB traces fall into the digital simulation category. Read More...


Simulating the front-end of your ADC

  • 03.04.2015

Successive-approximation analog-to-digital converters are straightforward, right?


Painless reduction of analog filter noise

  • 10.23.2014

They say a low-pass filter will rid you of noise in the higher frequencies, but that is not entirely true. Read More...


The inner workings of the three-op-amp INA

  • 08.20.2014

Instrumentation amplifiers can sometimes throw you a curve ball for even the easiest applications. Read More...


Can you find the missing 1?

  • 06.18.2014

Find out what Bonnie Baker was surprised to learn, after more than five years of working every day with amplifiers for an industry analog leader. Read More...


Will the right voltage reference stand up?

  • 03.14.2014

You have a good idea about your application needs, and you have finally zeroed in on the correct analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The next step is to feed the ADC with the proper voltage reference chip and driving amplifier, so how do you choose your voltage reference? Read More...


Measuring amplifier DC offset voltage, PSRR, CMRR, and open-loop gain

  • 02.19.2014

Operational amplifier (op amp) offset voltage is an important parameter to understand. Read More...


PCB signal coupling can be a problem

  • 12.17.2013

Trouble with cross-talk on your printed circuit board? You may be having more capacitor problems than you expected. Read More...


Phantom voltage dividers on your PCB

  • 11.19.2013

Hidden PCB parasitics can wreak havoc as you try to zone in on your subtle offset errors. Here is a simple area you can check at the beginning of your design process, if you want to reduce these problems up front.Read More...


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