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- March 21, 2012

Review the moments in tech history important to engineers with the EDN Moments blog.


Atari is established, June 27, 1972

  • 06.27.2017

On this day in tech history, Atari was established and would soon bring Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Pong into the living room. Read More...


UPC is scanned for 1st time, June 26, 1974

  • 06.26.2017

On this day in tech history, a UPC was scanned for the first time when a pack of Wrigley's chewing gum was rung up in Troy, Ohio. Read More...

1st live, international, satellite TV production shared, June 25, 1967

  • 06.25.2017

On this day in tech history, the first live, international, satellite television production was shared with an estimated 400 million viewers. It featured The Beatles performing a new song for the occasion, “All You Need Is Love.” Read More...


Sally Ride returns after 1st space flight, June 24, 1983

  • 06.24.2017

On this day in tech history, Sally Ride safely returned to Earth onboard Space Shuttle Challenger as part of NASA mission STS-7, which made her America's first female astronaut. Read More...

Alan Turing, computer science pioneer, is born, June 23, 1912

  • 06.23.2017

On this day in tech history, Alan Turing, the father of computer science and a hero of World War II, was born. Read More...

Kodak announces plans to end Kodachrome, June 22, 2009

  • 06.22.2017

On this day in tech history, Kodak announced plans to end production of Kodachrome color film. Less than three years later, Kodak filed for bankruptcy. Read More...

IBM retires 7030 “STRETCH” computer, June 21, 1981

  • 06.21.2017

On this day in tech history, IBM retired its “STRETCH” 7030 computer, a machine considered a failure by some but that brought about tremendous innovation. Read More...

SEAC is dedicated, June 20, 1950

  • 06.20.2017

On this day in tech history, first-generation electronic computer SEAC was dedicated as a laboratory for testing components and systems for setting computer standards by the National Bureau of Standards. Read More...

Blaise Pascal is born, June 19, 1623

  • 06.19.2017

On this day in tech history, French mathematician, physicist, and inventor, Blaise Pascal was born. Read More...

Solar neutrino mystery solved, June 18, 2001

  • 06.18.2017

On this day in tech history, solar neutrinos were announced by a team of American, British, and Canadian scientists, answering questions asked over four decades of research. Read More...

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