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- March 21, 2012

Review the moments in tech history important to engineers with the EDN Moments blog.


Solar storm disrupts electrical systems, September 2, 1859

  • 09.02.2014

On this day in tech history, the strongest geomagnetic solar storm in history disrupted the telegraph system and electrical framework and caused unusual Northern Lights shows. Read More...

Space Shuttle Discovery takes off for 1st time, August 30, 1984

  • 08.30.2014

On this day in tech history, NASA’s Space Shuttle Discovery took off for the first time, beginning what would become 27 years of reliable service. Read More...

Faraday discovers electromagnetic induction, August 29, 1831

  • 08.29.2014

On this day in tech history, Michael Faraday is credited with discovering electromagnetic induction, later to become Faraday's Law. Read More...

Kilby demos all-semiconductor circuit, August 28, 1958

  • 08.28.2014

On this day in tech history, TI’s Jack Kilby demonstrated a multivibrator circuit of discrete silicon elements to Willis Adcock, putting Kilby one step closer to the integrated circuit. Read More...


1st jet aircraft takes flight, August 27, 1939

  • 08.27.2014

On this day in tech history and just moments before the start of WWII, the turbojet-powered Heinkel He 178 took its first flight. Read More...


1st practical typewriter is patented, August 26, 1843

  • 08.26.2014

On this day in tech history, inventor Charles Thurber received a patent for the first practical typewriter, invented to aid the nervous and the blind. Read More...


Amelia Earhart makes transcontinental flight, August 25, 1932

  • 08.25.2014

On this day in tech history, Amelia Earhart became the first female pilot to fly solo nonstop across the North American continent, from Los Angeles to Newark, NJ. She completed the flight in a record 19 hours, five minutes. Read More...

Bob Pease is born, August 22, 1940

  • 08.22.2014

On this day in tech history, analog great Bob Pease was born, starting a life that would contribute tremendous amounts to engineering.Read More...


1st nuclear-powered merchant ship docks, August 22, 1962

  • 08.22.2014

On this day in tech history, the world's first nuclear-powered merchant ship, the NS Savannah, landed in Savannah, GA, completing its maiden voyage from Yorktown, VA.Read More...


Burroughs receives calculating machine patents, August 21, 1888

  • 08.21.2014

On this day in tech history, inventor William Seward Burroughs was issued four patents for the first successful “calculating machine.” Read More...

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