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- March 21, 2012

Review the moments in tech history important to engineers with the EDN Moments blog.


Modern helicopter design flies, May 24, 1940

  • 05.24.2015

On this day in tech history, the VS-300 helicopter was first demonstrated, making it the first American single main rotor helicopter. Read More...

Moog synthesizer inventor is born, May 23, 1934

  • 05.23.2015

On this day in tech history, Robert Moog, credited with creating the first voltage-controlled subtractive synthesizer to utilize a keyboard as a controller in the Moog synthesizer, was born. Read More...


Lincoln is issued patent, May 22, 1849

  • 05.22.2015

On this day in tech history, Abraham Lincoln became the only US president to receive a patent. His patent background influenced not only this device but the fate of the Civil War and the following US presidency. Read More...


Drift ice is used for scientific research settlement, May 21, 1937

  • 05.21.2015

On this day in tech history, Soviet station North Pole-1 became the first scientific research settlement to operate on the drift ice of the Arctic Ocean. Read More...

1st public display of Kinetoscope, May 20, 1891

  • 05.20.2015

On this day in tech history, the Kinetoscope, an early motion picture exhibition device developed by Edison Labs, was first publicly displayed. Read More...

Apple III introduced, May 19, 1980

  • 05.19.2015

On this day in tech history, Apple introduced the Apple III, a business-oriented personal computer intended to be the successor to the Apple II series but largely considered a market failure. Read More...

Apollo 10 launches, May 18, 1969

  • 05.18.2015

On this day in tech history, Apollo 10 was launched on a mission to the moon that would serve as a dress rehearsal for Apollo 11. Read More...

Gears are discovered on the Antikythera mechanism, May 17, 1902

  • 05.17.2015

On this day in tech history, gears were discovered on the Antikythera mechanism, an ancient artifact that would come to be known as the first mechanical computer.Read More...


International Electrotechnical Exhibition ends War of Currents, May 16, 1891

  • 05.16.2015

On this day in tech history, the 1891 International Electrotechnical Exhibition began and showcased a field trial of three-phase current so successful that it became established for electrical transmission networks throughout the world, thus ending the War of Currents. Read More...

Britain drops its first H-bomb, May 15, 1957

  • 05.15.2015

On this day in tech history, Britain's first hydrogen bomb, code-named Short Granite, was dropped over Malden Island in the South Pacific Ocean. Read More...

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