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- March 21, 2012

Review the moments in tech history important to engineers with the EDN Moments blog.


Venera 9 lands on Venus, October 22, 1975

  • 10.22.2014

On this day in tech history, the USSR’s Venera 9 became the first lander to return images from the surface of another planet.Read More...

Magnetic ferrite core memory is patented, October 21, 1949

  • 10.21.2014

On this day in tech history, An Wang filed a patent which would become the basis of magnetic core memory.Read More...


TI announces 1st transistor radio, October 18, 1954

  • 10.18.2014

On this day in tech history, Texas Instruments propelled transistors into mainstream use by announcing the pocket-sized transistor radio.Read More...


Einstein moves to US, October 17, 1933

  • 10.17.2014

On this day in tech history, Albert Einstein made a permanent move to the United States leaving his home in Germany.Read More...


Quaternions are introduced, October 16, 1843

  • 10.16.2014

On this day in history, the concept of quaternions came to William Rowan Hamilton during a walk. So excited, he carved his formula into the side of a stone bridge.Read More...


Edison Electric Light Co begins operation, October 15, 1878

  • 10.15.2014

On this day in tech history, the “lights were turned on” at the Edison Electric Light Company as it began operation. Later, the company would merge into a new organization, known today as General Electric. Read More...

C++ programming guide published, October 14, 1985

  • 10.14.2014

On this day in tech history, Bjame Stroustrup's C++ programming guide was published as documentation for one of the most popular programming languages ever. Read More...


Georgia Tech is founded, October 13, 1885

  • 10.13.2014

On this day in tech history, the Georgia School of Technology was founded to help industrialize the American South. It would become a leader in engineering research. Read More...

NeXT Computer debuts, October 12, 1988

  • 10.12.2014

On this day in tech history, Steve Jobs and his new company, NeXT, debuted the NeXT Computer, a workstation computer that would have limited commercial success but would be instrumental in creating Apple’s later products as well as the World Wide Web. Read More...

1st manned Apollo mission launches, October 11, 1968

  • 10.11.2014

On this day in tech history, NASA’s Apollo 7 mission launched as the first manned mission in the United States Apollo space program. Although Apollo 7 was a success, its crew would not fly again because of disputes with Mission Control.Read More...

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