- March 21, 2012

Steve Taranovich on all things analog.


Tracking and Data Relay Satellite launch delay

  • 07.23.2017

NASA, Boeing Corp, and United Launch Alliance are reviewing the August 3 launch of the TDRS-M satellite after it had an S-band antenna incident during the spacecraft’s final launch processing. Read More...


Brooklyn 5G Summit 2017 wrap-up

  • 04.21.2017

Lauri Oksanen, VP Research and Technology at NSN-Nokia Solutions and Networks, gave a nice summary of the 2017 Brooklyn 5G Summit. Read More...


The world’s smallest schematic

  • 02.22.2017

This radio schematic may not be smallest ever, but it has to be one of the smallest meant for production high-volume consumer electronics. Read More...


Make schematic symbols understandable

  • 02.13.2017

Schematic symbol preferences are very personal, but it is important to make them understandable. How do your drawings compare to this engineer's guidelines? Read More...


Look at what you missed at the Analog Aficionados dinner 2017

  • 02.09.2017

Aficionados of the analog world got together for their annual dinner in Santa Clara, CA Read More...

Intel discusses 5G on the road to WRC-19

  • 01.24.2017

The recent Radio & Wireless Week conference highlighted the hardware and system solutions that will help facilitate the upcoming deployment of 5G. Read More...

Audio experts on microphone levels and pressure zone mics

  • 01.10.2017

Many engineers and audio people don’t realize just how much signal can come out of a microphone. Read More...


Underwater Navy drones: Can electronics deter illegal seizures and technology theft?

  • 12.26.2016

This week the Chinese Navy boldly seized a US Navy underwater drone in international waters near the Philippine Islands violating international law and threatening illegal access to our military technology in that device. Read More...


Use plastic optical fiber for isolation

  • 11.18.2016

Consumer audio components create low-cost HV isolation, and a reliable, secure physical connection. Read More...


Enhancing audio system designs with digital signal processing

  • 11.13.2016

You don't have to be an audio DSP/embedded software geek to effectively design audio systems with microphones to enhance the system performance. Read More...


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