- March 21, 2012

Steve Taranovich on all things analog.


Vacuum tube technology resurrected

  • 06.08.2016

On this 60th anniversary of EDN, we look back to 1956 when the vacuum tube was at its maturity and transistors were about to begin their domination. Read More...


A plea for one connector, one cable, one display

  • 06.06.2016

After 40 years of hard work the personal computer is broken, as this quest to display Windows 7 on four monitors attests. Read More...


Tube amps and audio goodness

  • 05.24.2016

Check out these great audio resources and if you have some favorite tube or vintage audio site, or audio book, let us know. Read More...


GaN RF power transistors: Not just power, but speed to L-Band and beyond

  • 05.20.2016

GaN power transistors have been quickly gaining momentum in the power and high frequency application space and not just overtaking Silicon in power and RF, but also GaAs in the microwave arena. Read More...


Don't look at me ... The robot did it

  • 04.13.2016

The hackathon challenge is to create a full embedded system, both hardware and software. Read More...

IC packages and thermal design

  • 03.30.2016

Don't be so stuck in the circuits that you forget the importance of IC packages. Read More...


The Brooklyn 5G Summit: A must see on April 20-22, 2016

  • 03.19.2016

Thanks to IEEE Communications Society and NYU WIRELESS, the IEEE will again be televising the Brooklyn 5G Summit sessions over the Web for free, April 21-22! Read More...


Analog lives in the guitar pedal stomp box

  • 03.18.2016

This Electro-harmonix guitar pedal evokes the sound of the B-series Hammond organ, and it's not a digital sampling box. Read More...


Poachers beware: The drones are watching

  • 03.16.2016

Various methods using science, mathematics, satellites, and drones are being proposed to stop animal poachers, even from far remote locations. Read More...


Fablab reveals the essence of the Millennial masses

  • 03.06.2016

I just watched a show called fablab which I believe has the pulse of the Millennial generation. Read More...


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