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- March 21, 2012

Steve Taranovich on all things analog.


Silicon Labs fortifies their low-power analog design capability with Touchstone Semiconductor assets

  • 09.03.2014

In the aftermath of the Silicon Labs’ acquisition of Touchstone Semiconductor, I know that EDN readers have been very interested in what this means to the analog community. Read More...

Fairchild acquisition of Xsens

  • 07.21.2014

I was not too impressed with all the talk I’ve heard but not much action---until now—Learning of the Xsens acquisition significantly reinforces my faith in Fairchild’s MEMS and sensor offerings and is in tune with what they have been promising.Read More...

Can you identify this?

  • 06.23.2014

My colleagues and I are having some difficulty in identifying the strange-looking device in the photo. Read More...


The third anniversary of the passing of Bob Pease

  • 06.18.2014

Three years after the passing of Bob Pease, the industry is still remembering the analog great. Read More...


Analog Rails

  • 06.10.2014

I witnessed a designer take a 13 MHz VCO from a 250 nm design to a 40 nm design with no CAD setup and Electro-Migration (EM) taken into account. Read More...


DC to 110 GHz: Analog Devices and Hittite

  • 06.09.2014

Analog Devices has tendered an offer to acquire Hittite Microwave for about $2 billion to round out its extensive portfolio with microwave and millimeter wave solutions.Read More...


The Hackaday Prize

  • 04.28.2014

The Hackaday Prize boasts the richest and most compelling prize pool ever available to hardware hackers, including a trip into space.Read More...

It’s not too late to register for EELive in San Jose beginning March 31

  • 03.29.2014

You can still register for a free Expo pass at the event or increase your design capabilities by seeing and learning the newest and most innovative technologies in the industry by registering for Engineering “Boot Camps” and tutorial packages to fit your needs as a designer.Read More...

Engineers who need to design analog and power circuitry, but are not analog and power engineers---Take heart!

  • 03.22.2014

Begin your analog and power journey with the basics and build up your prowess and knowledge from the best mentors in the industry with great upcoming fundamentals courses that will lead into intermediate and advanced training on Planet AnalogRead More...


Touchstone Semiconductor falls prey to hard times?

  • 02.12.2014

I have heard sad information that Touchstone Semiconductor assets are being liquidated. Read More...


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