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- March 21, 2012

Steve Taranovich on all things analog.


It’s not too late to register for EELive in San Jose beginning March 31

  • 03.29.2014

You can still register for a free Expo pass at the event or increase your design capabilities by seeing and learning the newest and most innovative technologies in the industry by registering for Engineering “Boot Camps” and tutorial packages to fit your needs as a designer.Read More...

Engineers who need to design analog and power circuitry, but are not analog and power engineers---Take heart!

  • 03.22.2014

Begin your analog and power journey with the basics and build up your prowess and knowledge from the best mentors in the industry with great upcoming fundamentals courses that will lead into intermediate and advanced training on Planet AnalogRead More...


Touchstone Semiconductor falls prey to hard times?

  • 02.12.2014

I have heard sad information that Touchstone Semiconductor assets are being liquidated. Read More...


Student engineering labs revived with hands-on electronic kits

  • 02.04.2014

The disappearing hands-on electronic-circuits lab is now available again, with a newer, more flexible format to meet the needs of today's students and institutions.Read More...


The Analog Aficionados dinner 2014

  • 01.11.2014

It’s like a huge reunion of analog engineers who worked together and have moved around in our industry.Read More...


A CES meeting with Paro, the therapeutic robot

  • 01.10.2014

Paro is a therapeutic robot that gives the well-known benefits of animal therapy to patients in hospitals and extended care facilities where live animals might cause logistical difficulties.Read More...

An eye towards 2014

  • 12.19.2013

Join me on Integration Nation, Friday, December 20 at 1 PM EST, (18:00 GMT/UTC). The topic of our chat session is “A look ahead---and a quick look back.” We will look at electronics integration achievements in 2013 and peer into the future of 2014.Read More...

The growing role of analog-digital on-chip integration in saving energy

  • 12.15.2013

Mixed-signal silicon design, bringing the worlds of analog and digital technology onto a single die, has never been an easy task.Read More...


Planet Analog chat: “Integrated Timing Solutions and Universal Frequency Translators”

  • 11.18.2013

This special chat, “Integrated Timing Solutions & Universal Frequency Translators,” will dive deep into the various topics related to timing, IC techniques, as well as other topics, including clocking data through a digital system, and how important are accuracy and jitter? We will also look at real time clocks, especially as they pertain to the GPS.Read More...


Strategies for Recycling Electronic Devices—Europe leads again

  • 11.09.2013

The following is a blog contributed by imec in Europe. Check out the strategies for better recycling methods for a cleaner planet. Europe always seems to lead these planet Earth initiatives, such as lead-free solder.Read More...

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