- March 21, 2012

Steve Taranovich on all things analog.


Good product, lousy crystal

  • 07.28.2015

The combination of established functions rather than a technology breakthrough can yield a useful product, but a small and easily avoidable deficiency can weaken its overall attractiveness. Read More...

Calling all Analog Aficionados to ESC lunch get-together

  • 07.15.2015

The Embedded Systems Conference will be in full swing next week. Tim McCune, president of Linear Systems and coordinator of the Analog Aficionados dinner, will be at ESC with me and maybe some surprise analog guests.Read More...

Can new job titles upgrade engineers' stature?

  • 07.13.2015

Trendier job titles might give a modest boost to the way the public perceives engineers, and it wouldn't cost anything to try. Read More...


Wireless innovations from imec

  • 06.24.2015

See some of the amazing technical accomplishments the Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre brings to the electronics world via semiconductor process technology research and development.Read More...

Power electronics has quirks that require more than application notes

  • 06.16.2015

Power electronics are physical circuits with quirks that result from the parasitics. Read More...

The passing of NYU President James Hester

  • 06.14.2015

I am personally mourning the loss of James Hester because I was taking my EE undergraduate courses at NYU’s University Heights campus School of Engineering & Science in the Bronx from 1968 to 1972; Hester was 6 years President since 1962 when I started my undergraduate. So many of his decisions shaped my life as a student at NYU Engineering School. Hester passed on December 31, 2014.Read More...

2015 Mergers, acquisitions and change in the global electronics industry

  • 06.02.2015

Recent big deals are changing the face of electronics globally. Read More...


NI’s Multi-Element Phased Array Antenna design for 5G

  • 05.20.2015

At IMS 2015, National Instruments presented “Transceiver Module & Multi-Element Phased Array Design for 5G Mobile Communications using Visual System Simulator.” Read More...

Copper Mountain Technologies’ low cost solution for a VNA

  • 05.20.2015

Copper Mountain Technologies' Cobalt C1220 Vector Network Analyzer will save designers quite a bit of money since it uses any Windows PC or laptop as the display. Read More...

EasternOptX brings the test range to the bench

  • 05.20.2015

At IMS 2015, EasternOptX presented the Series 10000 Radar Scenario Generator which allows radar testing without the costly launching an actual aircraft. Read More...

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