- March 21, 2012

Steve Taranovich on all things analog.


Near-field acoustic levitation: It’s not a magician’s illusion

  • 10.22.2015

Traditional bearings can be pretty good, but what about using a non-contact bearing in the hard drive mechanism, or for that matter, in any mechanical device that uses bearings? Wouldn’t that make more sense and be the ultimate bearing mechanism?Read More...


NASA medical expertise helps Earthlings

  • 10.09.2015

NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio has perhaps the most contributions to people here on Earth related to medical technology. Utilization of the International Space Station to conduct research and validate technology is a cornerstone of this competency. Read More...


Watching TV in the 1955 era

  • 10.06.2015

I remember the small TV we had in the Bronx in the mid-50s. It was a wooden piece of furniture with a small round screen (We had to sit pretty close and huddle around that small image, but it was amazing to me when I was six years old)Read More...


Tech book give-aways on Planet Analog

  • 09.21.2015

I am starting a series of great tech book give-aways on my Planet Analog site for worthy recipients beginning today. Each two weeks there will be a new class of recipients eligible to receive such a book. This week is a worthy high school or college student.Read More...

Train safety picks up speed

  • 09.21.2015

I am still baffled about the US government dragging their feet regarding train safety. I thank God that technology and engineering development efforts have not been slowed in this area which will definitely save lives and serious injury. Read More...

Peregrine Semiconductor: Intelligent Integration in RF/Microwave

  • 09.02.2015

While at IMS in Phoenix, AZ this year, I had the pleasure of meeting Kinana Hussain, Director of Marketing for Peregrine Semiconductor (Now a Murata company). We sat down during the exhibits portion of IMS to discuss who Peregrine is in 2015 and I was pleasantly surprised and very well informed about their unique technology and capability in RF. Hussain mentioned that he would discuss High Performance Analog (HPA) with me----well, that made me sit up and listen!Read More...

Engineers help save the Honey Bee with RFID

  • 08.29.2015

As the tagged bees leave the hive each day, their RFID tag passes in front of the receiver located at the hive entrance and their individual information is registered and recorded.Read More...

Oldies but Goodies: Some articles never get old!

  • 08.20.2015

Some articles are just timeless. Written by some of the best Analog talent, many articles remain as favorites as the basic technology has not really changed.Read More...

Submit Design Ideas and share your knowledge

  • 08.16.2015

When I was a circuit designer in the 70s and 80s, I was an avid reader of EDN and EETimes. After I read the interesting tech articles on EDN and news on EETimes, I immediately would go to the Design Ideas section of EDN and cut out any article that might be useful to my designs or the designs of my colleagues. Read More...

Dennis Monticelli’s parting comments for engineers

  • 08.05.2015

Fifteen years ago Dennis Monticelli was named as a National Semiconductor Fellow and just recently has retired from Texas Instruments Silicon Valley (Formerly National Semiconductor) on July 31, 2015. Read More...


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