- March 21, 2012

Steve Taranovich on all things analog.


Analog Aficionados 2016: A night all about analog

  • 02.04.2016

The Analog Aficionados dinner was another successful night filled with memories, education, camaraderie, and of course lots of analog talk. Read More...


Isolated potentiometers

  • 01.29.2016

Read Dennis Feucht's blogs on isolated potentiometers.

It’s always a capacitor

  • 01.29.2016

The theory that “it’s always a capacitor” was proven out when a central air conditioning unit recently failed. Read More...


DesignCon 2016 book signing with engineering icons

  • 01.22.2016

Some of the best minds in our industry gathered at DesignCon for a book signing. Read More...

NI’s enhanced version of VirtualBench on display at DesignCon

  • 01.21.2016

Developers have taken bench-top equipment to a whole new level with the latest, high-performance model of VirtualBench. Read More...

EETimes Radio show: NASA blasting off on a nine month journey to the Red Planet

  • 12.17.2015

On Tuesday December 15, 2015 Max Maxfield and myself, Steve Taranovich, chatted with Darrel Raines, NASA Orion Flight Software Production Systems Manager. Our audio discussion and subsequent Q&A chat session was amazingly informative, exciting and educational. Read More...

EETimes Radio Show: “Orion Multipurpose Crew Vehicle Overview---Embedded Flight Software”

  • 12.05.2015

If you think it is an amazing feat of software engineering expertise to get an automobile to self-park or to change lanes or stop before it collides at 65 mph with an object in front of it---well, you’re right ---but how about safely guiding a vehicle up and out of Earth’s gravitational pull, through the atmosphere and into the cold, empty void of space travelling on a nine-month journey to a distant planet 225 million km away? Read More...

‘Just try it!’ with IEEE DIY Project

  • 11.30.2015

IEEE’s latest initiative to support engineers and makers is the IEEE DIY Project, for which well-known engineer John Cohn encourages DIYers to “just try it” when it comes to design. Read More...

Near-field acoustic levitation: It’s not a magician’s illusion

  • 10.22.2015

Traditional bearings can be pretty good, but what about using a non-contact bearing in the hard drive mechanism, or for that matter, in any mechanical device that uses bearings? Wouldn’t that make more sense and be the ultimate bearing mechanism?Read More...


NASA medical expertise helps Earthlings

  • 10.09.2015

NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio has perhaps the most contributions to people here on Earth related to medical technology. Utilization of the International Space Station to conduct research and validate technology is a cornerstone of this competency. Read More...


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