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- March 21, 2012

EDN contributor Brian Dipert exposes, analyzes and opines on diverse topics in technology.


Are streaming sticks the present and future?

  • 03.17.2017

When you see the capabilities delivered by modern "streaming sticks," you might wonder why anyone would bother buying a conventional form factor unit any longer. It's a good question. Read More...


Taking Roku on the road

  • 03.13.2017

With Roku's Hotel and Dorm Connect, there is a good use for Roku devices' Wi-Fi Direct facilities, although they still insist on spectrum-squatting. Read More...

Catching heat for partners’ shortcomings

  • 02.28.2017

When there's a problem with Media Center's EPG, it's not Zap2It or Rovi that catches heat from consumers ... it's Microsoft. And this situation isn't unique to Microsoft, either. Caveat emptor. Read More...

Open source is still an unpredictable option

  • 02.20.2017

OpenOffice could be the next cautionary tale for open source, proving even an open source advocate should be pragmatic. Read More...


Network neutrality déjà vu

  • 02.06.2017

The last time this engineer faced data caps from a broadband provider, there were other options available, but now he’s stuck. Are you in the same boat? Read More...

A slick upgrade to industry-standard RAID

  • 01.28.2017

Proprietary RAID approaches may make failure recovery more challenging, but they also come with some slick enhancements. Read More...


CES 2017: 3 significant technology trends

  • 01.23.2017

Some truly significant technologies, and products based on them, were introduced and advanced at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. Here are three that particularly stuck with this engineer. Read More...

CES 2017: 29 intriguing products

  • 01.14.2017

As usual, the recently concluded 2017 Consumer Electronics Show included a mix of the predictable, the surprising, and the completely bizarre. See what caught this engineer's eye, and why. Read More...


Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Explosion diagnosis and prevention

  • 01.03.2017

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 woes are only the latest in a long line of lithium-ion-battery-induced product issues, which is not expected to dissipate any time soon, and in fact may further accelerate. Read More...


Testing software to ensure a successful user experience

  • 12.20.2016

A bit more testing time and expense up front can save a whole lot of unnecessary cost down the road. Read More...

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