Design Cycle

- March 21, 2012

In the Design Cycle I will be focusing on the devices, tools, technologies and techniques that will help you get your job done. If I see an interesting tool, I'll let you know, same for products, design tips and industry trends you should know about. Anything that'll help you get to market faster. If there's something you think I should be talking about, flag it!


MIPIs: They’re everywhere

  • 08.13.2013

You’d think that MIPI implementation and test would be all figured out by now, but this is the constantly evolving world of mobile devices where frontiers are constantly being pushed and optimized.Read More...

Cognitive radio arrives, all by itself!

  • 06.17.2013

A scant 10 years ago, it seemed that the ultimate in cognitive-radio concepts was considered to be so far out there that it would always be a pipe dream, so how did it just “happen”?Read More...


Our ever-evolving EDN

  • 05.03.2013

The fact that the last issue of EDN print, DESIGN West 2013, and one of the best months ever for the relaunched EDN community site happened at the same time is pure coincidence, but their relationship isn’t.Read More...


The ‘art of engineering’ exhibit and book signing at DESIGN West

  • 04.19.2013

The true art of design takes center stage at DESIGN West with book signings by famous authors and an art exhibit at UBM Tech’s lounge.Read More...

'Tweet' if you're an engineer!

  • 03.29.2013

Social media, and all its codes and shortcuts, has caught fire, even among engineers, who tend to be viewed as, well, anti-social. At least that’s the perception we were working to overcome.Read More...


Cadence plus Tensilica is a four-way win, particularly for you and your customers

  • 03.15.2013

What’s not to like about Cadence buying Tensilica? Here you have a top EDA tool company snagging what is arguably the best signal-processing IP on the market, all led and driven by a forward-thinking, industry-savvy, partnership-oriented CEO.Read More...

Pick your favorite contributor; winner gets $5000!

  • 03.08.2013

As part of the annual ACE Awards celebration at DESIGN West in San Jose, CA, we will be presenting a plaque and a $5000 check to the person we as a community consider to be most deserving of the Jim Williams Memorial Contributor of the Year Award.Read More...


Mind of the Engineer: rational versus emotional?

  • 01.11.2013

At DesignCon, we'll explore the Mind of the Engineer survey results. It’s all very intriguing—after all, we all love to hear about ourselves—but is this really the mind of the engineer? I wonder about that.Read More...


Wild rides and hot technologies

  • 12.19.2012

It’s been a crazy year, but you’ve not stopped doing what you do: identifying opportunities and engineering the best paths to leverage them.Read More...

Gene Frantz, TI Principal Fellow and DSP visionary, to retire in February

  • 10.22.2012

Visionary, catalyst, enabler, teacher, mentor, seeker, finder, and, of course, father of DSP are all terms that could be been used to describe Gene Frantz, Principal Fellow at Texas Instruments, but on February 2, 2013, the 39-year veteran of TI will officially add ‘retiree’ to that list, but only on paper.Read More...

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