- March 21, 2012

Senior Technical Editor, Steve Taranovich, will bring you the latest news, opinions and technical breakthroughs in power management on PowerSource, sometimes with a touch of sarcasm or humor to spice up your day.


Moving on up: 3D printing takes on batteries

  • 09.22.2015

The development of conductive ink and lower-cost printers has opened up new applications for 3D printing, like PCBs and other electronic assemblies, including batteries. Read More...

Power expert Patrick Le Fèvre moves to Powerbox

  • 09.09.2015

Watch for new industry-leading solutions to come of Le Fèvre and company, especially in the crucial industry areas of digital power and power efficiency.Read More...

When Worlds Collide: Heat Sink Design, 3D Printing & Dolly The Sheep

  • 09.03.2015

One of the great things about writing regular blogs for EDN is the chance to research and write about a wide range of subjects - whatever happens to catch my attention, so long as it's topical and broadly related to electrical engineering. Read More...


How Cool Is That? DARPA's Thermal Management Programs

  • 08.16.2015

As electronic system technology advances – with continual increases in requirements leading to increasing power consumption – there has been increasing pressure on the thermal engineering and cooling technologies used. Read More...

ROHM and Powervation: Good for Digital Power

  • 08.07.2015

At the end of July, ROHM acquired Powervation, and to some of us it was just another in a string of Power Electronics consolidations in the past year. I see something different here.Read More...

Static Electricity Aims To Power Wearable Devices

  • 08.06.2015

Most people encounter the buildup and discharge of static electricity as an unwelcome shock when touching a metal doorknob after walking across a carpeted floor or sliding across a car seat. Those of us in the semiconductor industry, though, are very familiar with the havoc that can be caused by a stray ESD pulse. Read More...


Is Solar Electric Propulsion (SEP) hope for deep-space travel?

  • 08.03.2015

In today’s space program the Rocket booster propellant of choice is and has been chemical. Chemical propellant has proven to have the high thrust to weight ratio to allow the vehicle to escape Earth’s gravity and enter into space. Read More...


Advanced WEBENCH tools for expert power-supply designers

  • 07.27.2015

I have always had great respect for WEBENCH since the day it was introduced on February 17, 1999 by National Semiconductor. It has come a very long way since then, especially since TI merged with National and has valued and improved the WEBENCH solution as an important part of its portfolio.Read More...

Dave Freeman: Colleague and mentor

  • 07.02.2015

TI’s Dave Freeman, a power mentor and EDN contributor, has passed away. Read More...


imec Power Model Minimizes Power Consumption of Mobile Networks

  • 06.23.2015

Data traffic is increasing sharply, new applications and services are heavily driving energy consumption; networks are optimized for capacity not energy. Read More...

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