Living Analog

- May 04, 2012

Living Analog is a look at the analog aspects of everything electronic including amplifiers, sensors, power supplies, optics, RF, microwave and even digital circuitry, with every anecdote being taken from real life events.  Replies and comments are cordially invited.


Slippin' and a slidin'

  • 04.04.2017

Mechanical potentiometers can develop intermittent slider connections; adding a shunt resistance keeps the output predictable. Read More...


Space vectors

  • 04.03.2017

If there is a vector in collision with the rail voltage limit, that is bad news, but we can mitigate that if we dynamically move the vectors up and down as shown here. Read More...

Der alte battery

  • 03.22.2017

What are the chances of a battery getting really old and thus achieving the status of "der alte battery"?Read More...


Doubled-up MOSFETs

  • 02.25.2017

In this circuit, a single event upset will momentarily upset the transformer drive balance a little, but it won't allow a potentially catastrophic pull down on the +Vcc rail because the companion MOSFET of the affected one sustains the intended switching. Read More...


Inverted mode switches

  • 02.12.2017

Certain types of discrete transistors can be operated as inverted mode switches where "inverted" means that the collector is made to serve as an emitter and the emitter is made to serve as a collector. Read More...


LED brightness control

  • 01.25.2017

Pulsed current and DC current were applied to matched LEDs which were then viewed side by side. When their light outputs were the same, the DC current and the average of the pulsed currents were compared to each other. They were always equal.Read More...

Analog switch on-off ratios

  • 01.09.2017

If an analog switch IC is used for on-off switching of a signal path, how much isolation can be achieved in the signal-off state may be of critical importance. Read More...


The Picard Loop

  • 12.20.2016

See how a Picard Loop, a basic sensor used in some anti-shoplifting systems, works. Read More...


Why are these LED aisle lights being pulsed?

  • 12.05.2016

After snapping a photo of the LEDs lining the edges of a movie theater aisle, this engineer wondered why the lights were being pulsed. Read More...


The cross sectional area of wire

  • 11.15.2016

Expressing the cross sectional area of wire with pi can get numerically awkward, so here's another way. Read More...


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