Living Analog

- May 04, 2012

Living Analog is a look at the analog aspects of everything electronic including amplifiers, sensors, power supplies, optics, RF, microwave and even digital circuitry, with every anecdote being taken from real life events.  Replies and comments are cordially invited.


The weed-eater circuit

  • 08.14.2017

Need a way to see just how competent someone is at circuit analysis? Create a "weed-eater" circuit to put them to the test. Read More...


Vertical antenna capacitance

  • 07.27.2017

This sketch illustrates the capacitance that a vertical antenna will exhibit at its bottom feed point versus the vertical element's dimensions. Read More...


Multi-layer shields improve shielding effectiveness

  • 07.10.2017

Sometimes you have an AC magnetic field source that you need to shield to keep it from escaping into the outer world. Incorporating a non-ferrous material in a multi-layer structure improves shielding effectiveness. Read More...


PIN diode drive

  • 06.27.2017

Devices called "PIN diodes" are commonly used as variable dynamic resistances in variable attenuators for RF and microwave applications. Read More...

MIL-STD-704 simulation on the cheap

  • 06.15.2017

MIL-STD-704A defines voltage transients which can appear on a +28V DC line. You can use an inexpensive test fixture to loosely mimic that DC level and those transients. Read More...


Embedded resistance measurement

  • 06.12.2017

Assume that you have a resistive tee network embedded in an impenetrable potting material and you want to make a direct measurement of the value of one of those resistors. Since you can't access the center node, the other resistor(s) would seem to make that an impossible task, but it can be done.Read More...


Limitless gain

  • 06.02.2017

This engineer built a linear amplifier to work with very low level input signals at approximately 40 kHz, with the operating frequency of an ultrasonic transducer, and lots of gain at very low cost and with assured stability. Read More...


Dielectric constants

  • 04.27.2017

The goal here is the use of capacitive sensors to detect the presence or absence of these materials in a production environment. This has nothing at all to do with the construction of electronic components. Read More...

Cheap sweep

  • 04.26.2017

Make a really low-cost swept frequency tone generator using just some spare op-amp sections and no sole source parts. Read More...

Slippin' and a slidin'

  • 04.04.2017

Mechanical potentiometers can develop intermittent slider connections; adding a shunt resistance keeps the output predictable. Read More...


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