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- June 02, 2012

Welcome to our BLOG

Hi, I’m Brett Fox, CEO of Touchstone Semiconductor.  Welcome to our BLOG.  And yes, we think the analog industry is changing rapidly and presents many opportunities in the design and manufacture of analog ICs.

You will be hearing from me and other Touchstone employees on the Analog IC world and other related topics. You will read about the engineering, marketing and business perspectives of what it means to be one of the few semiconductor startups funded recently in the Silicon Valley. 

We hope you enjoy what we have to say,



An engineer’s software toolbox update

  • 09.16.2013

Editor’s note: Here is an update to an old post series (part one and part two) about useful software tools in circuit design. Read More...


Sharing the heavy-lifting with supercapacitors

  • 08.12.2013

It is quite amazing how the form factor of portable systems continue to shrink, yet the amount of power required for these systems increases. What is causing this? Read More...


Interviews that work

  • 07.08.2013

For a small company, even more than for a larger one, it is essential that we pick the right people to join us on the bus, so to say, so interviews are serious business. But how do you make sure the interview process is effective?Read More...


The power of thinking big

  • 06.24.2013

I was recently in a new product idea meeting at Touchstone, and Greg was proposing his latest idea. Greg and I have worked together, on and off, for over 20 years, and Greg has always thought big ever since we met. Today was no different…Read More...


On the utility of common-mode and differential-mode noise input filters

  • 06.17.2013

As background, high-side current-sense amplifiers have been around since the 20th century. Read More...

Electronics meets biology

  • 05.27.2013

I have always had an interest in bioelectronics and how low-power analog electronics is being applied in the field of biology to treat disease. Read More...

-40°C to +85°C or 25°C only. What temp range is this part truly guaranteed over?

  • 05.13.2013

Ah specsmanship. It’s been around probably as long as people have sold goods. We decided when we started Touchstone Semiconductor that we were going to guarantee our parts over temperature. Big deal, you say, everybody does that, or do they?Read More...


The applications engineering police get busted

  • 05.03.2013

Working in a start-up environment like Touchstone Semiconductor is a bit like being in the Infantry. Not that it’s actually dangerous, but it can be a pressure-cooker, and, like in the military, you often form close bonds with your co-workers, bonds that can last beyond the start up. Read More...


Freedom to work from home, responsibility to work from the office

  • 04.24.2013

At Touchstone Semiconductor, I have people in my group who want to work from home some of the time. Will that go against our company’s interests?Read More...


A new 21st-century shootout at the O-K Corral?

  • 04.15.2013

A battle has been brewing for quite some time between high-performance, stand-alone analog ICs and the various analog IC functions embedded into microprocessors/microcontrollers/SOCs. Read More...


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