Embedded Basics

- June 14, 2012

Embedded Basics examines the boundaries of hardware and software by exploring the inner workings of microcontrollers and the embedded software techniques that power them. 


Prototype to Production: Hello World

  • 08.22.2016

Time for that first program in the prototype-to-production project.

Answering the build-or-buy firmware conundrum

  • 08.16.2016

The build-or-buy firmware decision can have a substantial impact on project success, so make it carefully. Read More...

5 firmware criteria in MCU selection

  • 08.09.2016

Selecting a microcontroller is about more than its hardware specs these days. Read More...


Prototype to Production: Using industrial sensors

  • 08.01.2016

Consumer sensors are designed with microcontrollers in mind, but industrial sensors can pose interface challenges. Read More...


Understand firmware's total cost

  • 07.25.2016

In the make-versus-buy thinking for embedded firmware, be sure to understand the total cost of ownership. Read More...


Statistical profiling aids code understanding

  • 07.18.2016

Figuring out how the CPU is spending its time running code is the job of the profiler. Read More...

Prototype to production: MicroPython under the hood

  • 07.11.2016

No matter which hardware you plan to use, a quick look at the MicroPython repository will provide valuable insights. Read More...


Learn to debug real-time embedded software

  • 06.20.2016

Real-time embedded systems are complex, so make sure you know efficient debugging techniques. Read More...

Make the most out of printf

  • 06.20.2016

The tried-and-true "printf" can use a boost to avoid system performance hits during debugging. Read More...

Prototype to production: Running Python with Arduino

  • 06.17.2016

Combining Python with Arduino sounds like a good road to rapid prototyping, but there are potholes. Read More...

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