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Embedded Basics

- June 14, 2012

Embedded Basics examines the boundaries of hardware and software by exploring the inner workings of microcontrollers and the embedded software techniques that power them. 


Confessions of a low power addict

  • 04.17.2015

Figuring out how to triple battery life using only software changes can get you hooked on low-power design techniques.Read More...

10 Questions to ask during code reviews

  • 04.10.2015

Large companies and small all seem to run into the same problems in code development. These questions to ask during code review can help catch a lot of problems.Read More...


Don't give in to the quality, speed, cost tradeoff

  • 03.25.2015

Traditional wisdom says pick two, but you can have all three.Read More...


7 Silent Project Killers

  • 03.18.2015

Is your project doomed? Here are 7 warning signs of potential disaster.Read More...


10 tips for commenting C code

  • 03.13.2015

Commenting your code can be a chore but it can pay off handsomely. Here are some tips on how to make commenting C easier and more effective.Read More...


7 tips for creating a reliable embedded system

  • 02.24.2015

Creating robust embedded system software can be challenging. Here are some tips to help.Read More...


Creating effective embedded software resolutions for 2015

  • 01.07.2015

Welcome to 2015 -- the year of hover boards, flying Deloreans and another opportunity to start a new with untold opportunity. Read More...

10 tips to accelerate your engineering career

  • 11.18.2014

When the doldrums of an engineering career arrive, here are ten things you can do to take stock and accelerate or jump start your career growth.Read More...


7 Steps to Writing a Simple Cooperative Scheduler

  • 09.10.2014

For many MCU-based applications an RTOS is overkill; a much simpler, cooperative scheduler will fit the requirements just as easily. Read More...


Using conditional complexity to test embedded software

  • 07.01.2014

There are many different ways to test an embedded system but they can be boiled down into two primary types of testing, white and black box testing.Read More...


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