Everyday Measurements

- June 28, 2012

Luke Schreier is a senior manager at National Instruments. In "Everyday Measurements," he discusses the latest trends in test and measurement and how they affect both the professional and personal lives of engineers.


Dell's smells and the FAA

  • 11.08.2013

The FAA has finally removed the restriction on using electronic devices. Quality of a product can also go beyond the usual specs.Read More...


Best-in-class for automated test

  • 10.21.2013

The best companies in terms of automated test have less than ten design engineers for every test engineer.Read More...

Tradeshows and test

  • 09.25.2013

Clearly, the way the average engineer finds out about a new multimeter or oscilloscope has changed since 1998 (to say the least). Read More...


Taming system integration lab complexity with automation

  • 03.26.2013

The nature of embedded software development dictates that as many as 20 software defects are produced per 1,000 lines of code, which presents a formidable challenge for the engineers tasked with ensuring quality in these systems. Read More...

Smarter testing tames the explosion of embedded software

  • 11.27.2012

As system designers continue to expand the role of software in mechanical systems, the efficient use of smart testing techniques will be critical to their success by enabling projects to stay on-time and on-budget without sacrificing quality.Read More...

Celebrating 15 years of PXI

  • 09.11.2012

PXI has become commonplace in manufacturing test, overtaking VXI in just five years.Read More...

A Knobless World?

  • 05.04.2012



PXISA Continues to Grow

  • 02.24.2012



Welcome to Everyday Measurements

  • 01.30.2012



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