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- August 07, 2014

Larry Desjardin provides commentary and insight on topics outside that of traditional box instruments, including modular instrumentation, embedded test, and alternative test techniques. To access the go-to reference for modular instrumentation, head to the course Fundamentals of Modular Instrumentation, moderated by Larry.


NI enters semi test market. Beginning of the end for big-iron ATE?

  • 08.07.2014

A surprise interview with NI CEO James Truchard augments the news coming out of NI Week.Read More...

National Instruments enters manual lab bench instrument market

  • 06.16.2014

Is bench instrumentation facing a major disruption?


The latest trend in PXI is…boxes!

  • 05.13.2014

Larry Desjardin examines this growing trend, interviewing seven vendors about PXI and one-box testers. Sometimes it is better to think inside the box!Read More...


Apple enters engineering market, focus on test

  • 04.01.2014

Apple executive, April Furst, announces new products for engineers. Read More...


AXIe: It really is big brother to PXI

  • 03.04.2014

New Agilent AXIe chassis shows unique compatibility with PXI.


National Instruments releases 2014 Tech Trends

  • 02.11.2014

NI details six tech trends impacting 2014. Let’s take a look.Read More...

Increasing the speed of traditional box instruments

  • 01.24.2014

While modular instruments have a natural speed advantage, traditional instrument vendors and users have options to narrow the speed gap. Here's how. Read More...

Are we addicted to Windows?

  • 01.13.2014

Larry Desjardin says the answer is “yes”. Here’s the analysis.Read More...

Modular instrument highlights of 2013

  • 12.28.2013

Sip an espresso while Test Cafe recounts the top modular instrument news of 2013, and compares against predictions.Read More...

Compatibility and interoperability in test systems: Time to change our vocabulary?

  • 12.11.2013

What do these terms mean? Do we need new ones? Here are three suggestions.Read More...

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