Test Cafe

- February 15, 2016

Larry Desjardin provides architectural commentary and business insight on topics related to electronic testing, with a particular focus on modular instrumentation.


National Instruments announces world’s first mmWave software-defined 5G transceiver – all in PXI

  • 04.20.2016

In another EDN exclusive, NI's James Kimery is interviewed, explaining architectural details behind the announcement. Read More...


Exclusive: Apple secretly working on “backdoor” phone access

  • 04.01.2016

Here's an inside look at the backdoor techniques now under consideration by Apple. Read More...


Could prototyping expand the test and measurement market?

  • 03.29.2016

Test equipment has been used for testing all sorts of devices. But could test equipment be the actual prototype itself? Larry Desjardin examines the question. Read More...

Cobham intros AXIe, but the software is the real surprise

  • 03.22.2016

Cobham adds software defined radio standards and development suite to their modular AXIe offering.Read More...

Could test and measurement crack Farook's iPhone?

  • 03.17.2016

Test and measurement may be essential to reading the data on Farook’s iPhone. The idea of a massively parallel hack is explored.Read More...


Can we standardize functional testers?

  • 02.15.2016

NI Trend Watch hints at the possibility of a universal smart device tester. Larry Desjardin interviews National Instruments, and examines the case.Read More...


For error analysis, it’s hip to be squared

  • 01.20.2016

Errors add up in system design in interesting ways. Larry Desjardin describes how to add errors in a system correctly: root of sum of squares. Read More...


Top 6 modular instrument predictions for 2016

  • 01.20.2016

Larry Desjardin makes six predictions for 2016 affecting modular instruments and the test and measurement industry.Read More...

Santa answers letters from test engineers

  • 12.23.2015

Santa shares his test system know-how and management success secrets with nervous test engineers.Read More...


Top 5 modular instrument news stories of 2015

  • 12.07.2015

Larry Desjardin counts down the top 5 modular instrument news stories of 2015. Read More...

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