Test Cafe

- February 03, 2016

Larry Desjardin provides architectural commentary and business insight on topics related to electronic testing, with a particular focus on modular instrumentation.


For error analysis, it’s hip to be squared

  • 01.20.2016

Errors add up in system design in interesting ways. Larry Desjardin describes how to add errors in a system correctly: root of sum of squares. Read More...


Top 6 modular instrument predictions for 2016

  • 01.20.2016

Larry Desjardin makes six predictions for 2016 affecting modular instruments and the test and measurement industry.Read More...

Santa answers letters from test engineers

  • 12.23.2015

Santa shares his test system know-how and management success secrets with nervous test engineers.Read More...


Top 5 modular instrument news stories of 2015

  • 12.07.2015

Larry Desjardin counts down the top 5 modular instrument news stories of 2015. Read More...

Are we privatizing test and measurement standards?

  • 12.02.2015

Larry Desjardin describes two alternate approaches to developing and ratifying standards.Read More...


AXIe nears the tipping point

  • 11.23.2015

Recent developments in AXIe imply that the standard is reaching critical mass. What does this mean for the test and measurement industry? Read More...

Inside the Keysight 5G channel sounding system

  • 10.31.2015

Keysight deploys PXI, AXIe, and traditional instruments for the industry’s first multi-channel 5G channel sounding system. Read More...

AXIe specification gets an upgrade

  • 10.15.2015

Updated AXIe modular instrument specification expands scalability and bus speeds. Read More...

Keysight mobilizes for modular

  • 10.06.2015

A chance encounter with Keysight’s CEO Ron Nersesian highlights Keysight’s commitment to modular test. Read More...

Cobham leaps into AXIe

  • 10.05.2015

In an EDN exclusive, Larry Desjardin gets a peek at the new AXIe offering from Cobham. Read More...


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