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- June 01, 2016

Larry Desjardin provides architectural commentary and business insight on topics related to electronic testing, with a particular focus on modular instrumentation and 5G testing.


NI vector signal transceiver to be major weapon in the fight for 5G

  • 07.12.2016

Larry Desjardin dives into the new National Instruments VST, and explains why it could be called Very Slick Technology. Read More...

The first killer app for 5G wireless may not even be mobile

  • 07.08.2016

What will be the first 5G killer application? Not mobile. Larry Desjardin makes the case that it could be fixed internet access. Read More...


Is 5G mmWave right around the corner? Not so fast.

  • 06.18.2016

Every service provider and equipment manufacturer feels compelled to belly up to the 5G saloon’s bar, and place their mmWave pistol on the table. Larry Desjardin opines that this doesn’t mean large-scale deployments are soon to follow.Read More...

The virtual reality of 5G – Part 2 (measurements)

  • 06.01.2016

Larry Desjardin looks for 5G test products at IMS, and focuses on LitePoint, Keysight, and National Instruments. Read More...

The virtual reality of 5G – Part 1

  • 05.30.2016

Larry Desjardin roams the halls of the International Microwave Symposium in search of the justification for 5G. Read More...

National Instruments announces world’s first mmWave software-defined 5G transceiver – all in PXI

  • 04.20.2016

In another EDN exclusive, NI's James Kimery is interviewed, explaining architectural details behind the announcement. Read More...


Exclusive: Apple secretly working on “backdoor” phone access

  • 04.01.2016

Here's an inside look at the backdoor techniques now under consideration by Apple. Read More...


Could prototyping expand the test and measurement market?

  • 03.29.2016

Test equipment has been used for testing all sorts of devices. But could test equipment be the actual prototype itself? Larry Desjardin examines the question. Read More...

Cobham intros AXIe, but the software is the real surprise

  • 03.22.2016

Cobham adds software defined radio standards and development suite to their modular AXIe offering.Read More...

Could test and measurement crack Farook's iPhone?

  • 03.17.2016

Test and measurement may be essential to reading the data on Farook’s iPhone. The idea of a massively parallel hack is explored.Read More...


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