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- June 28, 2012


Measurement, NFL style

  • 01.23.2015

The controversy over the inflation pressure on NFL footballs is a measurement issue.Read More...

DesignCon moments, 2012-2014

  • 01.07.2015

My camera will return with me to DesignCon 2015, so look out. You never know who is watching.Read More...

Get this book, fix EMI problems

  • 01.06.2015

Get a solid dose of take-home information from "EMI Troubleshooting Cookbook for Product Designers" that can help you pass the tests and get your product to market.Read More...

Back in the backplane

  • 12.30.2014

DesignCon contributor Bert Simonovich explains the process of backplane design and modeling.Read More...


Help save a part of engineering history

  • 12.18.2014

The first house to have a telephone is up for sale. You can help turn it into a museum.Read More...


Standardized tests versus creativity

  • 12.01.2014

Emphasis on standardized tests has educators in an uproar, claiming that they have less time teaching students to think.Read More...


Book review: Controlling Radiated Emissions by Design

  • 11.11.2014

This near-classic EMC book, now in its third edition, keeps pace with todays radiated emissions problems using easy-to-understadn examples.Read More...

Test your knowledge of PAM4 modulation

  • 11.06.2014

PAM4 modulation is gaining traction as a replacement for NRZ. Will it take over? Find out at DesignCon 2015 but for now, take our quiz on EE Times.Read More...

Professor wants to change engineering education

  • 10.28.2014

Prof. Mark Somerville of Olin College of Engineering explains the culture of engineering education and why it no longer works.Read More...


EMC book needs some serious editing

  • 10.21.2014

While you might learn from "EMC Made Simple," you have to get past too many editing errors to make it worth your time.Read More...


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