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- June 28, 2012


NI Days 2015: The information age is over

  • 11.24.2015

Keynote speaker Joseph Salvo declares the info age dead. The systems age has begun.Read More...

Keysight power analyzer goes to four channels

  • 11.15.2015

The PA2203A lets you measure voltage and current on four channels and calculate power even when power consumption occurs in bursts.Read More...

What's a stereo system, anyway?

  • 11.08.2015

A local shop full of home stereo equipment reminds us how people used to listen to music.Read More...


Audio Precision adds voice quality to its software

  • 10.29.2015

A plugin for the APx500 series of auto testers lets you test for voice quality in public address systems. Read More...

Jitter & noise test lab opens in Silicon Valley

  • 10.23.2015

JitterLabs provides testing at its facility and can produce reports from your facility through its Web-based software. Read More...

Memories of Bill Kimmel

  • 10.10.2015

The EMI community lost one of its giants in 2015. Bill Kimmel was a favorite at the EMC Symposium and at EDN. We will miss him.Read More...


T&M survey: Engineers still prefer knobs

  • 09.28.2015

Our test & measurement market survey shows that despite inroads made by mouse and pinch interfaces, engineers still prefer traditional instruments controls. Read More...


AP's Tom Kite passes

  • 09.22.2015

Tom Kite, director of engineering at Audio Precision, passed away after a battle with cancer.Read More...


Webinar Sept. 17: S-Parameters

  • 09.09.2015

A webinar presented by SiSoft looks at how to check your models for errors.Read More...

Was Tesla for real, or not?

  • 09.03.2015

A new book about Nikola Tesla attempts to cast doubt that the mythical engineer's inventions weren't all that original. Instead, history is written by those who patent inventions.Read More...


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