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- June 28, 2012


Storing data: A moving target

  • 06.16.2017

As the pace of technical obsolescence increases, you may find yourself upgrading software, file formats, and storage media more frequently.Read More...


IMS 2017: Test products and more, part 2

  • 06.15.2017

Following up on part 1, here's more test products plus several other announcements from the IEEE International Microwave Symposium. Read More...

IMS 2017: RF/microwave test equipment, part 1

  • 06.08.2017

The IEEE International Microwave Symposium is in Honolulu, Hawaii in 2017. Here is some of the new test equipment seen on Wednesday, June 7. Read More...

LabVIEW NXG: Version 2.0 is coming

  • 05.29.2017

The next generation of LabVIEW is out, but it's scaled down, at least for now. Most current users will wait for version 2.0 or later to use it for new or existing applications. Read More...


5G channel sounder rolls through the streets

  • 05.25.2017

At NI Week 2017, the AT&T 5G channel sounder took to the stage for a live demonstration. Read More...

5G online course covers the big picture

  • 05.19.2017

IEEE Communications Society sponsored a half-day course on how we're getting to 5G. It's more than just RF technology, for 5G encompasses layers of network software as well.Read More...

LTE-Advanced Pro: The bridge to 5G

  • 05.03.2017

5G is taking too long for the masses. They'll just have to live with mere 1 Gbit/s data rates for now.Read More...


Help us complete EDN's print collection

  • 03.27.2017

EDN's 57-year collection of print issues is missing just a few from the final year. Please help us complete the set.Read More...


Rescued analog oscilloscope works fine, still has value

  • 02.28.2017

When an LG OS-5020 analog oscilloscope was saved from destruction and came my way, I just had to try it out. Read More...


Heidi Barnes: DesignCon 2017 Engineer of the Year

  • 02.23.2017

An EE with experiences in RF, ATE, space electronics, signal integrity, power integrity, and simulation is a true DesignCon luminary worthy of this distinction. EDN spoke with Barnes about the award, her career, and where she sees in the SP/PI industry going. Read More...


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