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- June 28, 2012


Why are 19-in. racks that size?

  • 06.17.2016

How did we settle on 19 in. as the standard size for an instrument rack?Read More...


Aeroscope funding campaign launched

  • 06.15.2016

The Bluetooth wireless oscilloscope is ready for production, it just needs some funding.Read More...


Workshop shows off test and measurement equipment

  • 06.06.2016

The Keysight Technologies TestDrive workshop shows you how to get measurements such as power integrity, power consumption, and RF spectrum, but has less hands-on time than last year.Read More...


Rubber Band Engineer: The book that will get you in trouble

  • 06.01.2016

Rubber Band Engineer is the kind of how-to book that can surely get you in trouble while having fun with projectiles.Read More...


NI introduces PXIe 7.5-digit DMM

  • 05.31.2016

The NI PXIe-4081 brings the accuracy of its PXI predecessor to PXI Express.Read More...

EDN turns 60, help us celebrate

  • 05.06.2016

EDN began life as Electrical Design News on May 8, 1956. Here's what to expect over the coming months as we celebrate the publication. Read More...


Simulate automotive electrical noise on the bench

  • 04.27.2016

The AING-5000 series from Spirent Communications lets you inject interference into automotive Ethernet links for testing engine control units. Read More...

ESC Boston day 2: test equipment

  • 04.14.2016

The exhibit floor or ESC Boston 2016 featured oscilloscopes from several manufacturers, and a modified oscilloscope from a calibration lab.Read More...


Former Agilent engineers developing a wireless oscilloscope

  • 04.12.2016

Design will use Bluetooth Low Energy to connect to an iPhone or iPad.Read More...


Keysight announces Windows 10 support for VEE

  • 04.06.2016

Memo creates stir on user forum, with some thinking that the graphical programming language was being phased out. Not so.Read More...


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