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- June 28, 2012


Simulate automotive electrical noise on the bench

  • 04.27.2016

The AING-5000 series from Spirent Communications lets you inject interference into automotive Ethernet links for testing engine control units. Read More...

ESC Boston day 2: test equipment

  • 04.14.2016

The exhibit floor or ESC Boston 2016 featured oscilloscopes from several manufacturers, and a modified oscilloscope from a calibration lab.Read More...


Former Agilent engineers developing a wireless oscilloscope

  • 04.12.2016

Design will use Bluetooth Low Energy to connect to an iPhone or iPad.Read More...


Keysight announces Windows 10 support for VEE

  • 04.06.2016

Memo creates stir on user forum, with some thinking that the graphical programming language was being phased out. Not so.Read More...


USB instrument is an entire test bench

  • 04.05.2016

The SF880 series from Analog Arts is an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, function generator, data logger, frequency meter, logic analyzer, and pattern generator in one unit.Read More...


Analyze current with a dedicated instrument

  • 03.31.2016

Keysight's CX3300 lets you view current waveforms from 150 pA to 10 A, with oscilloscope-like features.Read More...


OFC 2016: OIF shows off 56G PAM4, NRZ

  • 03.30.2016

The next generation of high-speed digital communications could be a mix of 56 Gbps PAM4 and NRZ modulation. The Optical Internetworking Forum demonstrated both forms at OFC 2016. Read More...

Spectrum analyzers come in several form factors

  • 03.29.2016

The SPECTRAN V5 real-time spectrum analyzers from Aaronia USA are available in handheld, rugged, USB, and OEM packages. Read More...

USB spectrum analyzers cover the bench and the field

  • 03.25.2016

Battery-powered and line-lowered instruments let you perform field or bench measurements for wireless devices. Read More...


OFC 2016: PAM4 is the new binary

  • 03.23.2016

PAM4 modulation, which practically took over DesignCon 2016, tightens its grip on optical communications.Read More...

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