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- June 28, 2012


EDN turns 60, help us celebrate

  • 05.06.2016

EDN began life as Electrical Design News on May 8, 1956. Here's what to expect over the coming months as we celebrate the publication. Read More...


Simulate automotive electrical noise on the bench

  • 04.27.2016

The AING-5000 series from Spirent Communications lets you inject interference into automotive Ethernet links for testing engine control units. Read More...

ESC Boston day 2: test equipment

  • 04.14.2016

The exhibit floor or ESC Boston 2016 featured oscilloscopes from several manufacturers, and a modified oscilloscope from a calibration lab.Read More...


Former Agilent engineers developing a wireless oscilloscope

  • 04.12.2016

Design will use Bluetooth Low Energy to connect to an iPhone or iPad.Read More...


Keysight announces Windows 10 support for VEE

  • 04.06.2016

Memo creates stir on user forum, with some thinking that the graphical programming language was being phased out. Not so.Read More...


USB instrument is an entire test bench

  • 04.05.2016

The SF880 series from Analog Arts is an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, function generator, data logger, frequency meter, logic analyzer, and pattern generator in one unit.Read More...


Analyze current with a dedicated instrument

  • 03.31.2016

Keysight's CX3300 lets you view current waveforms from 150 pA to 10 A, with oscilloscope-like features.Read More...


OFC 2016: OIF shows off 56G PAM4, NRZ

  • 03.30.2016

The next generation of high-speed digital communications could be a mix of 56 Gbps PAM4 and NRZ modulation. The Optical Internetworking Forum demonstrated both forms at OFC 2016. Read More...

Spectrum analyzers come in several form factors

  • 03.29.2016

The SPECTRAN V5 real-time spectrum analyzers from Aaronia USA are available in handheld, rugged, USB, and OEM packages. Read More...

USB spectrum analyzers cover the bench and the field

  • 03.25.2016

Battery-powered and line-lowered instruments let you perform field or bench measurements for wireless devices. Read More...


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