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- June 28, 2012


Help us complete EDN's print collection

  • 03.27.2017

EDN's 57-year collection of print issues is missing just a few from the final year. Please help us complete the set.Read More...


Rescued analog oscilloscope works fine, still has value

  • 02.28.2017

When an LG OS-5020 analog oscilloscope was saved from destruction and came my way, I just had to try it out. Read More...


Heidi Barnes: DesignCon 2017 Engineer of the Year

  • 02.23.2017

An EE with experiences in RF, ATE, space electronics, signal integrity, power integrity, and simulation is a true DesignCon luminary worthy of this distinction. EDN spoke with Barnes about the award, her career, and where she sees in the SP/PI industry going. Read More...


DesignCon 2017 video: Expected and unexpected products

  • 02.13.2017

DesignCon 2017 included many products. Here are a few captured on video.Read More...

DesignCon 2017: PAM4 measurements are solidifying, but remain in flux

  • 02.06.2017

Coming out of the annual "Case of the closed eye" panel was the conclusion that we have more to understand to get reliable 56 Gbps and higher speeds. Standards, while needed, are not the complete answer. Read More...


If it smells fake, it probably is

  • 01.31.2017

With all the talk of "fake news" and "alternative facts," can such things happen in business-to-business publications? Read More...


December 1, 1995: EDN launches this site

  • 01.18.2017

EDN launched in December 1995. Eighteen years later, stood alone. Here's how it came about and what it looked like along the way.Read More...


TE, Molex to dual-source high-speed connectivity products

  • 12.16.2016

Rivals will make it easier for engineers to specify connectors, modules, and cable assemblies.Read More...

Electronic products from hell

  • 12.09.2016

There are plenty of instances where reputable companies have produced awful products. Read More...


Write a T&M article for EDN

  • 12.06.2016

Contributing to EDN is easier than you think.


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