Test Voices

- June 28, 2012

Members of the test industry step up to share their insights, observations, and questions.


My NO/NC misassumption reminder

  • 12.27.2016

A trivial repair reminded me that making assumptions can often cause problems ranging from trivial to tricky in debug and repair situations. Read More...

Why does this year have an extra second?

  • 12.14.2016

International timekeepers have decreed that the atomic clock is due a leap second. Read More...

What DFT history teaches us

  • 08.03.2016

An EDN article from 1988 shows the state of design for test at that time, now see how it has evolved. Read More...

MAX232: The classic IC lives on since 1988

  • 07.28.2016

Maxim Integrated introduced the MAX232, a single 5V powered RS-232 line driver and receiver in 1988 and it's still used in new designs today. Read More...


Three predictions on the state of signal integrity

  • 05.05.2016

Signal integrity evangelist Eric Bogatin makes three predictions on high-speed signals based on DesignCon 2016.Read More...


Take scan test out of the critical path

  • 03.24.2016

Design for test and pattern recognition are shifting left, moving up in the IC design cycle. Read More...

The age of gravitational wave astronomy has begun

  • 02.25.2016

The discovery of gravitational waves that Einstein predicted is not only a scientific accomplishment, but a measurement accomplishment.Read More...


The Bessel-Thomson & other oscilloscope responses

  • 12.29.2015

The effect of input response can affect an oscilloscope's characteristics.Read More...

PXI bundle eases automotive electronics testing

  • 11.30.2015

The TS-8989 PXI-based reference package from Keysight includes over 250 functional test routines for automotive body and safety electronics. Read More...

Oscilloscopes provide basic measurements

  • 11.25.2015

The HMO1202 series from Rohde & Schwartz has you covered when you need a basic two-channel MSO.Read More...

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