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- January 31, 2014

Kenneth Wyatt is an independent consultant and specialist in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) design, test and troubleshooting. In The EMC Blog, he discusses issues, trends, EMC design, and product troubleshooting techniques. One specialty is his use of do-it-yourself probes and use of low-cost test equipment and measurement techniques for evaluating EMC issues on the workbench. He's also the author of The EMC Pocket Guide and EMI Troubleshooting Cookbook for Product Designers, both published by SciTech Publishing.


Using a differential probe to troubleshoot EMI

  • 11.07.2014

One other tool you may want to consider when troubleshooting and EMI issue is a high frequency differential probe. We’ll use the Rohde & Schwarz RT-ZD10 1 GHz bandwidth probe, but similar probes from other manufacturers should work equally well.Read More...

Review: Rohde & Schwarz HZ-15 near field probes

  • 10.20.2014

One of my most used EMI tools is a good set of near field probes. These may be used to quickly identify potential sources of radiated or conducted emissions and are designed to respond to either E-fields or H-fields. Many companies sell probe kits and I’d like to review the HZ-15 kit from Rhode and Schwarz, as being above average.Read More...

Case study: radiated interference to industrial controller

  • 10.09.2014

As an EMC consultant, I seem to be running into more and more issues with ESD and radiated susceptibility. I believe this is due to the fact noise margins are gradually being reduced as supply voltages move from 5 to 3.3 to 1.8 to 1.2 volts. In addition, products are scaling down in size, and quite frankly, designers still don’t understand basic EMC design principles.Read More...


A visit to ARRL headquarters

  • 09.22.2014

I had a chance to visit the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) headquarters in Newington, CT. The ARRL is the national organization of radio amateurs in the U.S., and provides training, resources and representation of radio amateurs in Washington, D.C.Read More...


6 GHz spectrum analysis in your hand!

  • 09.16.2014

One of my long-term wishes is that TTi produce an analyzer with an upper range of 6 GHz. Well, my wishes have been met in their newly released model PSA6005!Read More...


Visit to Clemson University's Automotive Electronics Laboratory

  • 08.18.2014

The lab targets four primary areas of research: automotive electronics, aerospace electronics, electromagnetic compatibility, and electromagnetic modeling.Read More...

EMC Symposium 2014

  • 08.11.2014

A quick review of the recent IEEE EMC Symposium held in Raleigh, NC, August 2014.Read More...

Review: TPI Version 4 4400 MHz RF synthesizer

  • 07.20.2014

Earlier, I wrote a short review on a low cost RF synthesizer from Trinity Power, Inc. (TPI) Version 5, a very small, but relatively powerful RF source that could be used for localized radiated immunity pre-compliance testing of products. The company also sells Version 4, a larger RF synthesizer that sacrifices maximum RF output level for a flatter RF output response. I had a chance to try it out recently.Read More...

Review: Signal Hound BB60C real time 6 GHz spectrum analyzer - Part 2

  • 07.09.2014

In Part 1 of this review, we discussed the basic architecture, specifications and controls of the Signal Hound BB60C real-time spectrum analyzer. In Part 2, we’ll show you some actual measurements and several screen captures.Read More...


Review: Signal Hound BB60C real time 6 GHz spectrum analyzer

  • 07.08.2014

The Signal Hound series of spectrum analyzers are about as small as three large-size Hershey chocolate bars stacked on top of each other. The unit offered for review is the recently released model BB60C real time analyzer, which can tune from 9 kHz to 6 GHz with a dynamic range of +10 to approximately -158 dBm (DANL, which is dependent on resolution BW). It can easily fit within a standard briefcase with room left over for a medium sized laptop.Read More...


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