Measure of Things

- July 17, 2012

Science and technology news with a tech-savvy T&M World angle that helps readers hone their innovative edge by applying expertise from one field to opportunities in another.

Ransom Stephens is a technologist, science writer, novelist, and Raiders fan.


Top ten cynical tech realizations of 2015

  • 12.31.2015

Did you really think I wouldn't write a "top ten" article? Well, at least the entries are properly numbered, from 9 to 0, of course.Read More...


Mismeasure of economics

  • 11.23.2015

Is it impossible in principle to create accurate economic models? Read More...

The high tech diversity problem’s bottom line

  • 09.25.2015

Diversifying the tech workforce means more than political appeasement; diversity sets the stage for innovation. Read More...


Measure career advancement by blowing your mind

  • 07.29.2015

If you can possibly finagle this opportunity, do it right now!Read More...

Measuring dark matter: The ultimate signal-to-noise problem

  • 06.08.2015

How physicists try to detect dark matter is a good example of how the humans roll.Read More...


Scientific dogmatism: wild red herring or trained attack dog?

  • 06.02.2015

Do science researchers have to submit to established scientific dogma? No, it doesn’t work that way.Read More...


Is dark matter about to be discovered?

  • 04.25.2015

Evidence for dark matter has been building for decades—it’s about time it showed up. Read More...


Measure of neutrinos, nature's most elusive particles

  • 02.27.2015

When neutrinos pass through matter, they rarely leave a trace, but when they do, it comes in the form of a ghostly ultra-violet cone of light.Read More...


Simulated Education: STEM must change!

  • 10.24.2014

It's time for educating technology to make a sharp turn from problem solving to simulating systems. It will be expensive but will have the greatest RoI of any investment in history.Read More...


10 Things I saw at IDF2014

  • 09.15.2014

The Intel Design Forum came to San Francisco but, with so much pizazz, they could have called it the IoTDF because of the focus on the Internet of Things.Read More...


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