Measure of Things

- July 17, 2012

Science from the perspective of a technologist. Technology from the perspective of a scientist.

Author Ransom Stephens is a technologist, science writer, novelist, and Raiders fan. He's also the 2017 Jim Williams ACE Contributor of the Year.


The speed of thought

  • 10.13.2016

The three timescales of thought dictate the time it takes to hit the brakes or to run from a tiger, but it takes longer to have an idea and much longer to learn how to do things quickly. Read More...


Improve your answer resolution and unleash innovation

  • 08.08.2016

Answer resolution combines the intense focus needed to find nuance in the very similar with the intense defocus needed to find relationships among the very dissimilar. Read More...


Happy anniversary, EDN: you’re old

  • 07.11.2016

Report from 2076: Things have changed in 60 years. Read More...


Transmitter FFE makes the channel do the work

  • 06.30.2016

Transmitter FFE tricks the channel into doing its own equalizing. Read More...


Reduce your prejudice to innovation

  • 05.02.2016

The biggest obstacle to innovation is our own internal prejudice systems and the "not invented here" mentality. Fortunately, we can get around them.Read More...


You can't think out of a box built of TLAs

  • 04.01.2016

Success in the 21st century is built on innovation but every industry builds TLA walls that stifle creativity.Read More...


A bluffers guide to evaluating scientific results, Part 3: Why Some Results are Irreproducible

  • 03.16.2016

Irreproducible results have come under attack but sometimes that's just how nature rolls. Read More...


A bluffers guide to evaluating scientific results, Part 2: Rules of Thumb

  • 02.18.2016

Rules of thumb for estimating the significance of research results. Read More...


A bluffers guide to evaluating scientific results, Part 1: Systematic Bias

  • 02.12.2016

How to determine the accuracy of scientific results reported by journalists.Read More...

Do grandmas make the best engineers?

  • 02.10.2016

Can big global problems be solved by grandmothers who are intent on solving small local problems?Read More...


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