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Measure of Things

- July 17, 2012

Science and technology news with a tech-savvy T&M World angle that helps readers hone their innovative edge by applying expertise from one field to opportunities in another.

Ransom Stephens is a technologist, science writer, novelist, and Raiders fan.


Sports should adopt real technology

  • 12.13.2013

From first-down chains to bright yellow lines along the outfield fences, to dubious goals, it’s time to put a little silicon inside the ball.Read More...


Higgs Pt. 9: What makes King Carl XVI Gustaf think it’s the Higgs Boson?

  • 11.04.2013

Thousands of physicists were searching for the Higgs, so why think it might be something else? Surely several thousand Ph.D.s wouldn’t be so arrogant as to assume that what they see is what they sought, right?Read More...


The measure of free will and red herrings

  • 09.10.2013

Philosophies, codes of ethics, and religion all assume that we act with free will. Newton replaced free will with determinism; Heisenberg brought it back—or did he?Read More...


The science and technology of Sensory Deception

  • 08.06.2013

In a new eco-techno-science fiction thriller, three Si Valley geeks develop VR technology based on the relationship between the senses and the mind. Read More...


Quantum wave functions come alive! May the Bohr Model rest in peace

  • 07.26.2013

Atomic wave functions have finally been measured and it’s now time to put the Bohr Model of the atom to rest, once and for all.Read More...


Decoding the brain using fMRI and YouTube

  • 07.02.2013

UC Berkeley neuroscientists posted a YouTube video that demonstrates rudimentary mind reading—We explain what they did.Read More...


Global warming/climate change: an easy calculation

  • 05.22.2013

By solving a 10th grade science homework problem you can decide for yourself whether or not human beings are causing global warming/climate change by burning fossil fuels.Read More...


Measuring the transition to disaster

  • 05.17.2013

Properties of the calm before a storm can be measured and used to predict the transition from tranquility to disaster. Read More...

Resolving to map the brain: resolution, resolution, resolution

  • 04.16.2013

Sure, the BRAIN initiative will cure diseases, but it will also open a Pandora’s box of philosophical issues from accurate lie detection to the existence of free will, but the technology begins with improving brain scan resolution.Read More...

Measure of Chaos: When Uncertainty Runs Amok

  • 04.09.2013

Can a butterfly flapping its wings in Japan cause a tornado in Silicon Valley? Ransom explains the roots of chaos with a simple carpentry metaphor.Read More...


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