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Measure of Things

- July 17, 2012

Science and technology news with a tech-savvy T&M World angle that helps readers hone their innovative edge by applying expertise from one field to opportunities in another.

Ransom Stephens is a technologist, science writer, novelist, and Raiders fan.


Measure of neutrinos, nature's most elusive particles

  • 02.27.2015

When neutrinos pass through matter, they rarely leave a trace, but when they do, it comes in the form of a ghostly ultra-violet cone of light.Read More...


Simulated Education: STEM must change!

  • 10.24.2014

It's time for educating technology to make a sharp turn from problem solving to simulating systems. It will be expensive but will have the greatest RoI of any investment in history.Read More...


10 Things I saw at IDF2014

  • 09.15.2014

The Intel Design Forum came to San Francisco but, with so much pizazz, they could have called it the IoTDF because of the focus on the Internet of Things.Read More...


Measuring money—the beer standard

  • 08.05.2014

Why do we pretend that small sheets of paper and cheap metal disks have inordinate value? It’s like the Emperor’s money is made of the same stuff as his new clothes, right? Well, sort of.Read More...


Don't major in CS: 5 reasons why

  • 06.27.2014

Mommas, here are the top 5 reasons why your babies should NOT grow up to pursue degrees in computer science.Read More...


The quirks of quarks

  • 04.28.2014

Quarks follow a whole different set of rules than electrons. Electrons repel and the farther you separate them, the less force they feel—these behaviors are probably synonymous with your concept of “force,” but not after you read this article.Read More...


Measure of emergence through smugness and faith

  • 04.09.2014

From bee hives to consciousness, emergence seems like magic, but if you apply serious computing power, you can make sense of it.Read More...


Sports should adopt real technology

  • 12.13.2013

From first-down chains to bright yellow lines along the outfield fences, to dubious goals, it’s time to put a little silicon inside the ball.Read More...


Higgs Pt. 9: What makes King Carl XVI Gustaf think it’s the Higgs Boson?

  • 11.04.2013

Thousands of physicists were searching for the Higgs, so why think it might be something else? Surely several thousand Ph.D.s wouldn’t be so arrogant as to assume that what they see is what they sought, right?Read More...


The measure of free will and red herrings

  • 09.10.2013

Philosophies, codes of ethics, and religion all assume that we act with free will. Newton replaced free will with determinism; Heisenberg brought it back—or did he?Read More...


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