Views from a Young Electronics Engineer

Shachi Nandan Kakkar- July 18, 2012

A college student studying computer engineering shares his views on the opportunities and challenges ahead of him, as well as on life in general as a next-generation engineer.


Should you make a pilgrimage to Silicon Valley?

  • 06.12.2015

After a visit to Silicon Valley, world-renowned astrologer Bharat Upmanyu considered the pursuit of engineering and knowledge to be a spiritual fulfillment that is holistic in a number of ways. Read More...


Dealing with rejection

  • 05.02.2013

We have all experienced this at some point in our lives. We all fear it, have nightmares about it, and panic as it approaches.Read More...


Driving test

  • 02.05.2013

We will all fail at some point; our success, however, is dictated by how well we get up and dust ourselves off.Read More...


Christmas and computers are all around us

  • 12.12.2012

Christmas, in a way, is similar to the globalization of American computer companies.Read More...


It’s all worth it …

  • 10.17.2012

When that product hits the market and people love it, you swell with pride and all the hours of work, countless hours of sleep lost, and dampening of your social life seem meaningless. Read More...

Congratulations, Shachi

  • 09.21.2012

Congratulations to Shachi on his hard work being recognized by a prestigious newspaper. Read More...


My interest in engineering and the world of the Olympics

  • 09.11.2012

When Michael Phelps hit the wall for his 18th medal, something jolted inside one young engineer. He realized that wanted that same excelling experience. But, instead of realizing that experience through sports, he’ll do so by enriching people’s lives with technology.Read More...


Chess and electronics companies

  • 08.03.2012

Chess, like electronics, is a game of great strategy -- every move must be calculated carefully and accurately.Read More...

The journeys of an electronics engineer and a basketball player

  • 07.18.2012

The roads to success in both of these fields, although long and arduous, is rewarding if we put in the required efforts and ingenuity, coupled with innovation. Both the paths overlap in ways that are not always obvious.Read More...


Welcome to Views from a Young Electronics Engineer

  • 07.18.2012

Find out what’s on the mind of young engineers as they begin to develop higher education and career plans.Read More...

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