Open sourced

- July 18, 2012

Casey Hare comments on open source developments and how test and measurement engineers can use these technologies. “Open Sourced” will follow testing, analysis, software, hardware and whatever else is next in open source.


3D Printing goes open source

  • 06.10.2014

There's been a ton of excitement around 3D printing over the last few years and open source is right there with the commercial manufacturers this time.Read More...


Open source touch screens to the rescue

  • 04.07.2014

You can get a low-cost touch screen interface for use with many open-source projects.Read More...

Big backers of open-source hardware

  • 10.10.2013

Large companies have embraced open-source hardware and software. Has yours?Read More...


Open-source electrical engineering design tools (continued)

  • 08.02.2013

Casey Hare takes a closer look at some of the EE tools available for creating a schematic for an electrical test system.Read More...


Open design ideas

  • 06.28.2013

The web is wonderful for providing answers to questions but generally lacking in design information. That makes sense because very few people, including myself, put design information on the web.Read More...

Open-source goes RF

  • 04.23.2013

RF is amazingly powerful, ubiquitous in our world and a valuable tool for any engineer. Sadly, my rough introduction and the high barrier to entry has kept me from digging too deeply into RF thus far in my career.Read More...

Open-source electrical engineering design tools

  • 02.05.2013

Lacking a frequent need for advanced EE tools, I can't justify buying OrCAD or PADs or another expensive, but highly functional, EE tool. Fortunately, open-source comes to my rescue.Read More...


Open-Source fight for 32-bit micros: Arduino Due vs. chipKit Max32

  • 12.12.2012

It feels like the bad-old days of the late 90s internet era, we're all saying to ourselves, “this is big; it's going to change everything... we're just not sure how, yet.”Read More...


Python, open-source programming

  • 10.04.2012

Python is a popular open-source programming language with many test applications. Read More...

Raspberry Pi: A $25 computer

  • 09.13.2012

The Raspberry Pi maybe the right single-board computer for you, but is has limitations.Read More...

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