Power Points

- December 11, 2012

Power Points looks at perspectives and issues related to power sourcing, distribution, consumption, and dissipation, ranging from microwatts to megawatts, and DC to kHz. We'll discuss supply design, topology, system architectures, test, protection, use, and even abuse with an emphasis on points which are relevant, interesting, and thought-provoking to the design engineer.

Bill Schweber is a degreed EE who has designed, used, and burned out his share of supplies including LDOs and switchers, and spanning low- and high-power units. Besides power issues, he is interested in analog design, signal integrity, real world I/O, the history of science and engineering, and the satisfaction of problem solving constrained by design tradeoffs.


Megavolt/kiloamp tests reveal extreme engineering challenges

  • 04.25.2016

The world of extremely high voltages and current is not a linear extension of the lower-level regime, but instead requires a radically different way of thinking, working, and testing. Read More...


When what’s old is new again, with a twist

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Sometimes re-invented versions of classic products can offer fun, features, and insight into what made a classic what it became. Read More...


Wall wart + battery = small UPS: Good idea or not?

  • 03.07.2016

Adding a small circuit to a standard AC/DC converter will result in a low-capacity uninterruptible power system, which may prove useful – or perhaps not. Read More...


Electric motors, pneumatics combine for amazing robotics

  • 02.25.2016

The availability of smart, high-precision electric motors is giving robotics an added impetus, especially at the lower end. Read More...

High-performance, low-cost products: good for consumers, bad for engineers?

  • 02.19.2016

Making advanced products with outstanding performance and price is almost routine for engineers and our industry, but it has the unintended consequence of making the public think it is easy and engineers are accomplishing "nothing special." Read More...


2016 resolutions: Not what you'd expect

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I've decided to be much more selective in who and what I pay attention to in 2016. Read More...


Another insult, as another pundit minimizes engineering efforts

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Is there an optical rectenna in your future?

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Direct RF-to-electricity conversion is a well-established niche; will the next step use light instead of RF? Read More...


Weak battery + overthinking = wasted troubleshooting time

  • 11.23.2015

We've seen so many subtle problems over the years that it's easy for an experienced engineer to jump ahead of checking basics when troubleshooting. Read More...


Thoughtful product packaging provokes customer confidence

  • 10.30.2015

Appearance and first impression shouldn’t really color our perception of a product but it often does, as a modem-upgrade package demonstrates. Read More...


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