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- February 08, 2013

Out-of-this-World Design is a blog dedicated to space electronics.

Each month we discuss spacecraft payload and platform electronics and on-board signal processing techniques for telecommunication, navigation, Earth Observation and space-science satellites.


Are you bored with your board?

  • 07.30.2015

Manufacturers of spacecraft avionics are considering new PCB materials with lower relative dielectric constants and dissipation factors to achieve the performances that will enable future missions for satellite operators. Read More...


Designing a low-cost, reusable power-distribution architecture

  • 07.08.2015

It is now possible to develop a low-cost, reusable, scalable, reliable, and efficient power-distribution architecture to supply future satellite sub-systems. Read More...


Kintex-7, SEU mitigation using an isolated-design flow, part 1

  • 04.17.2015

Replicating and isolating redundant logic blocks within an FPGA fabric offers the potential of fault-tolerant implementation, confining SEUs to a single module preventing their propagation. Read More...


It's time to SPICE up your life!

  • 02.19.2015

Earlier this year, I decided to get hot and spicy and compare the performance of three graphical SPICE circuit simulators to develop stable voltage regulators for space electronics. Read More...


Satellite anatomy 101

  • 01.15.2015

This discussion will help you understand the 'anatomy' of a satellite and the basic principles of satellite communications. Read More...


Turkish delights and harsh environments

  • 12.02.2014

A Turkish bath experience prompts thoughts on the harsh environment of space and how it can can wreak havoc on unprotected microelectronics, ultimately leading to component failure. Cosmic rays speeding through space can strike ICs at sensitive locations, causing immediate upsets known as SEEs.Read More...

Testing times for design engineers

  • 10.31.2014

Characterising subsystems containing high-power devices switching at megahertz/gigahertz frequencies with very fast edges is stretching the capabilities of measurement equipment, and we all have to become test engineers to understand what's inside the box, the sources of errors, and how to use DSOs, VNAs, TDRs and spectrum analysers properly.Read More...


Galactic opportunities!

  • 10.08.2014

The future commercialisation of the space industry offers many new opportunities for companies to change and grow. The global-space market is forecast to be worth £400Bn by 2030 and the UK has set a target to capture a 10% share of £40Bn per year as well as the creation of 100,000 new jobs.Read More...

Pesky parasitics

  • 09.03.2014

As transistor sizes continue to shrink and more and more logic is placed next to analog circuits, digital-switching noise propagates through the substrate and power distribution network, degrading the functionality of the sensitive analog circuitry.Read More...


A comparison of space-grade FPGAs - Part 3

  • 08.01.2014

Imagine the worst-case scenario for a spacecraft containing SRAM-based FPGAs performing critical control, having their configuration - i.e., the intended functionality - suddenly corrupted by cosmic radiation.Read More...


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