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- February 08, 2013

Out-of-this-World Design is a blog dedicated to space electronics.

Each month we discuss spacecraft payload and platform electronics and on-board signal processing techniques for telecommunication, navigation, Earth Observation and space-science satellites.


Clocking high-throughput satellites

  • 06.22.2017

Engineers are mesmerised by the latest FPGAs and ADC/DACs, however, these need to be powered and clocked properly to deliver their specified performance. Read More...

Introducing the first 16 nm semiconductor for space applications

  • 05.23.2017

Just like the commercial world, FinFET technology offers a lot of potential for the space industry. The RT-ZU19EG will deliver 10× the performance of the V5QV FPGA consuming similar power in the same package. Read More...


Using and selecting COTS components for space applications

  • 04.13.2017

COTS components require careful risk assessment and their operation and/or specification may have to be modified or de-rated to meet a mission's reliability needs. Read More...


Introducing RFSoC

  • 03.14.2017

Integrating GSPS ADCs and DACs with Xilinx's programmable MPSoC fabric reduces physical footprint and chip-to-chip latency and completely eliminates the external digital interfaces between the mixed-signal convertors and FPGA. Read More...


Selecting a space-grade isolated DC-DC

  • 01.25.2017

Selecting the most appropriate DC-DC for your project requires the consideration of many factors: first and foremost, what are the specific power, voltage, and current requirements? Read More...


How to select a space-grade switching regulator

  • 12.08.2016

Selecting the most appropriate switching regulator requires the consideration of many factors. Which part is right for your project? Read More...


8 tips for effective power-integrity probing

  • 11.01.2016

Poor PCB layout, inadequate floor-planning, ineffective de-coupling, and weak filtering cause AC noise, interference, and transients on the power rails supplying FPGAs, ADCs, and DACs, affecting their performance. Read More...


Spacecraft data handling using ARM-based processors

  • 09.27.2016

Given that our lives depend on the reliability of ARM-based fail-safe systems every day, could the space industry also benefit from the performance, power, size, ease of use, and accessibility benefits of the ARM architecture? Read More...


SERDES testing for rocket scientists

  • 08.24.2016

As SERDES bit rates increase, spacecraft OEMs are grappling with how to measure and characterise the performance and reliability of hardware high-speed serial links to ensure satellite sub-systems are developed right-first time. Read More...

Wideband testing of satellites

  • 06.29.2016

Characterising transponder performance over several GHz of bandwidth can be very difficult for OEMs and equally challenging for suppliers of test and measurement equipment. Read More...


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