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- February 08, 2013

Out-of-this-World Design is a blog dedicated to space electronics.

Each month we discuss spacecraft payload & platform electronics and on-board signal processing techniques for telecommunication, navigation, Earth Observation and space-science satellites.


Galactic opportunities!

  • 10.08.2014

The future commercialisation of the space industry offers many new opportunities for companies to change and grow. The global-space market is forecast to be worth £400Bn by 2030 and the UK has set a target to capture a 10% share of £40Bn per year as well as the creation of 100,000 new jobs.Read More...

Pesky parasitics

  • 09.03.2014

As transistor sizes continue to shrink and more and more logic is placed next to analog circuits, digital-switching noise propagates through the substrate and power distribution network, degrading the functionality of the sensitive analog circuitry.Read More...


A comparison of space-grade FPGAs - Part 3

  • 08.01.2014

Imagine the worst-case scenario for a spacecraft containing SRAM-based FPGAs performing critical control, having their configuration - i.e., the intended functionality - suddenly corrupted by cosmic radiation.Read More...


A comparison of space-grade FPGAs - Part 2

  • 07.08.2014

For the latest, deep-submicron, space-grade FPGAs operating at higher frequencies with lower voltages and increased logic densities, SETs can dominate the soft-error rate.Read More...


A comparison of space-grade FPGAs - Part 1

  • 06.09.2014

FPGAs are increasingly being used in almost every spacecraft sub-system and designers now have a choice of process technologies and diverse fabrics. Which one is right for your mission?Read More...


Switch-mode regulators for space applications

  • 05.02.2014

Switched-mode power supplies offer spacecraft systems the advantages of high efficiency, low-power dissipation, small physical size and low mass. Read More...


Linear voltage regulators for space applications

  • 03.26.2014

The linear voltage regulator is one of the most commonly used electronic circuits found in almost every type of application. Nearly all spacecraft sub-systems use it and if a single-event transient appears on the dc output exceeding the maximum supply voltage that can be tolerated by a $100k FPGA for example, the consequences for a mission could be catastrophic! Read More...


Is your spacecraft flying reliable chips?

  • 02.25.2014

The space industry wants to exploit the higher integration, faster processing and lower power consumption advantages of ultra-deep-submicron microelectronics.Read More...


I'm giving her all she's got, captain!

  • 01.29.2014

Satellites are not launched with a long, dangling mains cable, but come with 'Batteries Included' and access to a large and hot wireless charging station 93 million miles away.Read More...


Twinkle twinkle little stars!

  • 12.17.2013

Despite the advent of RADAR and GPS, navigation using the stars remains a valuable aid for people, spacecraft and of course, the three wise men.Read More...


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