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- June 24, 2013

This is where the silicon meets the road. Together, we'll be driving your designs to ever greater heights, with regular looks at automotive electronics technologies and news.

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Self-driving cars are stuck at idle, while driver assistance accelerates

  • 09.19.2017

Self-driving may be overhyped right now, but some remarkable ADAS features are already on the road, with more about to ship. Read More...


Tesla backlash shows misunderstanding of reality

  • 09.15.2017

Software-enabled hardware features, over-the-air updates, and common-platform design are becoming the rule, not the exception. Good or bad? Discuss. Read More...


HV Corotron monitors diesel emissions

  • 09.11.2017

Concerns over diesel emissions are nothing new. Read how some old-school tech handled measurements with the help of many, many volts. Read More...

Opinion: Volkswagen’s failure

  • 09.24.2015

It went through the press like a thunderstorm: Volkswagen had software in its diesel engine controllers that detected when the car was under test. In such situations, it reduced the harmful exhaust to the legal limit.Read More...


Automotive newsbytes: April 2014

  • 04.03.2014

A look at recent news and happenings in automotive electronics and design, including dysfunctional keyless ignition, brain sensing, autonomous infrastructure, and a book about the automotive X-Prize.Read More...

Automotive Power Supplies – Making the Transition (to switching supplies, 48V, start-stop, etc)

  • 02.26.2014

The webinar and slides are now available to download.

Automotive newsbytes: February 2014

  • 02.21.2014

A look at recent news and happenings in automotive electronics and design. Check out radar-on-a-chip, pedestrian transponders, fuel-cells, and a video panel on autonomous vehicles.Read More...

Webinar: Automotive power supplies

  • 02.20.2014

Tune-in on February 25th for some answers to the challenges of power supply design in the difficult automotive environment.Read More...

Favourite automotive blogs of 2013

  • 01.20.2014

You, the readers, pick your favourite auto blogs of 2013.Read More...

Why is your car less reliable than it used to be?

  • 01.08.2014

In the case of a mid-complexity car with around 200 complex semiconductor-based boards, there is a one-in-five chance that something will fail in the vehicle each year!Read More...


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