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- October 14, 2013

This blog gives voice to designers and experts around the world who work with or on printed circuit boards.  Topics include (but are not limited to) layout tools, IC and board connectivity, connectors, board to board connectivity, signal integrity, power, signal and ground routing, conformal coatings, passive device integration, materials, 3D modeling, and board and system concurrent design.


Chinese PCB Shop spam is a thing

  • 08.18.2017

I try to fool the PCB spammers, but they get the last laugh. And… Rev. 2 of my powered speaker. Read More...


Home reflow sees the light

  • 07.16.2017

There are many home reflow oven projects out there, but this one is blindingly good. Read More...


Altium CircuitStudio review: The glory

  • 03.30.2017

The Altium CircuitStudio circuit board CAD program is buggy, slow to load, crashes occasionally, and has a new and infuriating user interface, but this engineer loves it. Read More...


Flex circuits: Innovations and processes

  • 03.22.2017

The smartphone market has spurred flex circuit manufacturers to adopt new advanced flex circuit solutions to scale production and lower costs. Here’s what you need to know.Read More...

How much mode conversion is too much?: Rule of Thumb #32

  • 09.14.2016

Differential to common-mode conversion as miniscule as -60dB can cause EMC test failure. Read how to improve your odds.Read More...

How much common current is too much?: Rule of Thumb #31

  • 09.09.2016

Watch out for the EMC failure mode caused by mere microamps. Read More...


No one best PCB fab house

  • 08.21.2016

The best fab house for you depends what you need and the kind of boards you are making, but here are some engineer recommendations. Read More...


What is the resonant frequency of a cavity?: Rule of Thumb #30

  • 07.19.2016

Cavity resonances in PCBs are easily overlooked, and can result in crosstalk and EMI.Read More...


What is the spatial extent of an edge?: Rule of Thumb #29

  • 07.06.2016

If you really want to build your engineering intuition about signal integrity, the most important principle you can apply is the Zen approach, “be the signal”.Read More...

PCB assembly & test problems

  • 07.05.2016

A nice brief overview of PCB assembly problems you might encounter, as well as some test ideas. Read More...


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