Eye on the IoT

- November 05, 2014

Marrying connectivity with intelligence in devices to create the Internet of Things (IoT) gives birth to a whole new range of opportunities and challenges for embedded developers. This blog will explore the technologies, techniques, standards, products, and design issues associated with IoT development. The main focus will be on edge node devices and gateways, with occasional forays into the cloud aspects of the IoT.


Connected lighting may be the IoT killer app

  • 05.16.2017

Connected lighting is a huge potential market that might energize the IoT. Read More...


Security: where the IoT meets the IT infrastructure

  • 04.06.2017

The IoT can only achieve its purpose with the full confidence of industry and consumers, creating a security imperative that every sector must face. Read More...

Plug and play mesh IoT sensor system unveiled

  • 11.09.2016

The Njord sensor module is part of a system that works straight out of the box. Read More...

Creating JARVIS - Smart microphones enabling the digital butler

  • 10.04.2016

Smart microphones underpin advances in voice interfaces as the Amazon Echo shows us that the public is ready for this technology.Read More...


Zombie-proof your IoT design

  • 09.09.2016

Security is no longer optional in IoT design.

Discussion of the IoT must stratify

  • 08.18.2016

The term IoT is too encompassing for discussions about its many markets. Read More...


Packaging advances needed to ensure IoT growth

  • 07.26.2016

Integrating sensors, logic, and RF into a single chip is a difficult challenge, but combining them in a single package is practical. Read More...

Building the IoT: connectivity and security

  • 07.25.2016

For the IoT to succeed, connectivity and security still need to mature. Read More...


Building the IoT: standards and hardware needs

  • 07.20.2016

Before the Internet of Things reaches its full potential, there are some areas that need work. Read More...

FPGAs solve challenges at the core of IoT implementation

  • 07.04.2016

IoT development faces many challenges, but FPGAs can help.


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