Fabricating the Future

- June 06, 2016

MEMS devices are everywhere these days, from smartphones and biomedical devices to the Internet of Things (IoT). And the industry is moving quickly, with emerging applications for MEMS coming from a variety of sources including large companies, startups, academia, R&D, and even entrepreneurs with a vision.

As founder and CEO of Rogue Valley Microdevices, a precision MEMS foundry based in southern Oregon, Jessica Gomez has her finger on the pulse of the MEMS industry. She blogs about interesting events and emerging applications, particularly, but not exclusively, as they apply to the MEMS industry.


Working with your MEMS foundry partner

  • 01.17.2017

You’ve selected your MEMS foundry partner, but now, what are the roles of each of you and what is key to success? Read More...

Finding a MEMS foundry: IP protection

  • 01.05.2017

IP protection is always front and center, no matter where the IP happens to be located. How can you protect IP when you are dealing with a foundry? Read More...

Finding a MEMS foundry: 6 things to seek in a partner

  • 12.21.2016

Partnering with the right MEMS foundry will relieve unnecessary stress and increase your bottom line. Read More...

Trade show giveaways can pay it forward

  • 09.28.2016

At trade show booths, giveaways abound in the hopes of attracting potential customers and editors. Rogue Valley Microdevices took a different approach that will have an impact long after the show is over. Read More...

Make room for growth: Women represent 12% of engineers

  • 06.23.2016

According to recent reports, women represent roughly 12% of today’s electrical and mechanical engineers, but their influence in the industry is increasing. Read More...

Entrepreneurs compete at Hilton Head MEMS Conference

  • 06.06.2016

Entrepreneurs will get to showcase their MEMS technology and receive feedback from a group of industry leaders at the Hilton Head MEMS Conference. Read More...

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