5G Waves

- April 21, 2017

5G. The next big thing. We're waiting for it, designing for it, excited for it.

Here are EDN's core 5G blogs – part  of our 5G Design Center. Come to learn, discuss, and contribute.


With 5G technology, the time is now

  • 09.18.2017

It may be years before you can make a 5G phone call, but there's a furious amount of preparation work happening right now, according to a survey conducted on behalf of Ixia. Read More...

Movandi optimizes mmWave 5G front ends

  • 09.11.2017

Sibling entrepreneurs are taking on Intel and Qualcomm with an RF front end that optimizes everything from the constituent parts to the manufacturing process. Read More...

Five technologies for building 5G

  • 09.07.2017

Parts of 5G are completely new while other parts are adaptations of previous technologies. Read More...

5G book gets into the technology details

  • 08.30.2017

Get an overview of the engineering issues surrounding the next generation of wireless technology and the potential technologies for solving the technical issues.Read More...


Gigabit wireless begins to take hold

  • 08.29.2017

Verizon and its partners have achieved 1 Gbps throughput on a 4G network using commercial gear. Meanwhile, carriers around the world are starting to offer almost-gigabit wireless connectivity. Read More...

Test is a key challenge for 5G

  • 08.25.2017

There are over 15 different centimeter wave and millimeter wave bands identified below 40 GHz for 5G NR access, and they all need to be simulated. Read More...

The 5 best 5G use cases

  • 08.25.2017

Different 5G use cases will have different network requirements, so business plans and network upgrades must progress hand-in-hand. Read More...

Building 5G networks from the core up

  • 08.07.2017

5G use cases will require a different network approach, not just for the access network, but also for the next-generation core. Read More...

Why now with white spaces?

  • 07.27.2017

Microsoft has proposed closing the so-called "rural broadband gap" with white space technology, enraging some rivals but perhaps intriguing some of the people who count. Read More...

Startup promises to change the wireless game with signal cancellation technology

  • 07.07.2017

GenXComm has a signal cancellation technology that enables full duplex (doubling bandwidth) and also enables use of adjacent and even overlapping signals. Read More...


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