5G Waves

- April 21, 2017

5G. The next big thing. We're waiting for it, designing for it, excited for it.

Here are EDN's core 5G blogs – part  of our 5G Design Center. Come to learn, discuss, and contribute.


Startup promises to change the wireless game with signal cancellation technology

  • 07.07.2017

GenXComm has a signal cancellation technology that enables full duplex (doubling bandwidth) and also enables use of adjacent and even overlapping signals. Read More...


How to pre-test your product's antenna

  • 06.30.2017

For some reason, commercial antenna products are not always tested or verified; sometimes you're just going to have to go DIY. Here's how. Read More...

ADI helps blaze path from 4G to 5G

  • 06.28.2017

ADI's new RF transceiver is designed to help OEMs rapidly design base stations, small cells, and other equipment that will support the evolution of carrier networks to 5G. Read More...

IMS: Phased-array antennas and beamforming

  • 06.17.2017

Analog Devices and Keysight Technologies demonstrated on a small scale how phased-array antennas can steer beams to their targets, increasing power between cellular base stations and handsets. It's all about higher data rates. Read More...

Keysight achieves 12Gbps at 28 GHz

  • 06.16.2017

Keysight and partner UC San Diego demonstrate that throughput at 28 GHz can satisfy the high-speed requirements of 5G. In the last 6 months, Verizon and T-Mobile have maneuvered to be the two main users of that band in the US. Read More...

IMS: 5G is complicated

  • 06.07.2017

Even from an RF perspective, there are many facets to 5G. Will all of them work? Read More...

Verizon 5GTF comes to life

  • 06.02.2017

A demonstration at WCNC shows how fixed-wireless access works and how it will likely precede mobile 5G.Read More...

Want 5G? It’s going to take an IP anyhaul overhaul

  • 05.31.2017

The introduction of 5G technology is going to require extensive upgrades of wireless networks, of course, but as if that weren’t enough, the wireline networks that 5G will rely on must be re-engineered as well. Read More...

Where will 5G appear first?

  • 05.30.2017

Carriers in the US, South Korea, and Japan are making mush-mouthed claims about their 5G plans, confusing consumers and irritating some of their peers, but real 5G is on the way, and it looks as if South Korea might be the first to have it. Read More...

What’s now and what’s next for 5G

  • 05.17.2017

When it comes to 5G, it can be difficult to track how the industry might get there from here, especially because it’s not clear where here is. Read More...

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