Quick-Turn PCB shop review project: ShenZhen2U

-March 14, 2016

I'm wrapping up my PCB fab review series back in China, with a look at board house ShenZhen2U.

The base price for five or ten double-sided boards (only the shipping cost changes) is $11.90 (10 × 10cm maximum). Including registered airmail shipping, it cost $24.70 for 10 of my 6 × 6cm test boards.

6/6 rules are standard. Options include 4-6 layers, various surface finishes & board thicknesses, and rush processing.


(Note: The images are larger than their default display size, so you can zoom in with your browser, or open pictures in their own tabs, to view at higher resolution.)



The silkscreen is good. Unfortunately, my haphazard photography setup makes it hard to discern the soldermask coverage. There does appear to be a thin sliver of it between the SSOP20 pads.



The wide soldermask clearance is easily visible here, as are the indentations from the flying-probe tester. A few of the boards sported some pads with excess solder. This is the worst example – not a problem in most cases.



Drill registration is very good.



No problems with trace/flood interaction.




Traces look good; perhaps a bit under-etched.



I'll be posting a final summary comparing the four PCB shops I reviewed soon.


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