Microchip makes a smoke-detector ICs with alarm memory

-July 02, 2010

The vivacious Michelle Ragsdale from Microchip sent me a press release about their new RE46C162/3 (ion type) and RE46C165/6/7/8 (photo type) smoke detector ICs. The cool thing is that they used a process that can put memory in the chips so that you can see which detector has trigger and alarm in a multi-detector loop. Michelle knows I just love block diagrams so she sent this one along.


I have always been interest in smoke detector ICs since I learned that Robert L. Chao, the president of Advanced Linear Devices (ALD) designed smoke detector ICs when he was a Supertex, another cool analog outfit. That was where Robert got so smart about making high-input-impedance comparators and op amps, and it also helped him design energy harvesting modules that have the same low quiescent current requirements along with the need for ALD’s zero-threshold FET technology.

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