MEMS market panel of industry analysts discuss industry future growth and trends

-November 08, 2012

At the MEMS Executive Congress, analysts from leading research firms presented their outlook for future growth and trends in MEMS, and then took audience questions. The topics included: new opportunities for growth, new applications for MEMS, as well as market leaders and losers. The panelists stood behind their market research and pointed out areas of agreement, voiced differences of opinion in this open, audience-engaging forum aimed at drawing an accurate picture of where the MEMS market is going.


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The MEMS Market Panel from left to right : Moderator Jeffrey Hilbert, President & founder, WiSpry; Panelist Jeremie Bouchaud, Senior principal analyst, MEMS and sensors, HIS iSuppli; Panelist Jean-Christophe Eloy, President & CEO, Yole Developpement; Panelist Tony Massimini, Chief of technology, Semico Research; Panelist Steve Ohr, Analog and Power semiconductors, Gartner, Technology and service provider research

Kevin Crofton, Executive VP & COO of SPTS kicked off the discussion with a brief overview of MEMS trends he is seeing in capital equipment. He said that suppliers are putting multiple functions in a single package. Foundries have risen in MEMS such as TSMC, UMC, OF, X-Fab and Silex and they are seeking standardization in design and manufacturing

Crofton also told us that there is now overlap in automotive and handheld applications. He also discussed the emergence of IDM’s (Integrated device manufacturers) with broad MEMS portfolios.

Some of the panelist discussion topics went on to include the MEMS microphone story and emerging applications with deeply informative history and trends these experts are seeing from their extensive research.

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