There’s a high probability you’re an engineer if ...

-June 05, 2013

You’re having dessert at a romantic restaurant with your sweetheart and you’re calculating the area of that piece of cherry pie using pi.

There are ink stains on the bottom of your shirt pocket from fine point pens after you gave up your pocket protector.

Those holes in your tie are not from moths, but from leaning over a soldering iron to remove the plug from the outlet on the lab bench.

Your favorite celebrity is Nikola Tesla.

You know that TI makes ICs and not just calculators.

You can recite pi to 37 places.

You know Avogadro’s number.

You know the charge on an electron.

That pen in your pocket contains a USB stick.

Your favorite Dilbert cartoons are on your cubicle wall for all to see.

You are Dilbert!

The “Big Bang Theory” is your favorite TV show.

You’re in Chicago closing your garage door----which is at your home in New York.

Your favorite artist is Jim Williams.

You actually know what element number Silicon is in the periodic table.

Please tell us what your own experiences are of indications that there is a probability of being an engineer by adding more items to this list.

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