DesignCon 2015 Call For Abstracts Portal Opens

-May 22, 2014

Engineers working with signal integrity and power integrity and related topics in high-speed design can respond to the Call for Abstracts for DesignCon 2015 from now until July 11th.

At my first DesignCon, I was immediately impressed by the strength of the technical program. Over the years I've attended countless engineering conferences, so I had plenty of experiences to compare the depth of knowledge, expertise, and practical know-how that I saw in Santa Clara, CA at DesignCon.  Now I have the great privilege to be working with the DesignCon Technical Program Committee (TPC) and the DesignCon events team to help build the technical program for DesignCon 2015.

In April, I met with the TPC to flesh out this year’s Call for Abstracts, which released today. We spent two days discussing the challenges, new opportunities, and realities of high-speed design. We celebrated the success of the new track introduced last year on wireless and photonic integration. And, we looked for ways to encourage you to share your learning on signal integrity and power integrity issues across the spectrum of design, modeling, prototyping, verification, and manufacturing, from the chip to the system level.

The result is the DesignCon 2015 Call for Abstracts which includes the following tracks: (see track descriptions and sample topics here)

1.    Optimize Chip-Level Designs for Signal and Power Integrity
2.    Overcome Analog and Mixed-Signal Modeling and Simulation Challenges
3.    Wireless and Photonic Integration
4.    System Co-Design: Chip/Package/Board: Modeling and Simulation
5.    Characterize PCB Materials and Processing Characterization
6.    Apply PCB Design Tools
7.    Design Parallel and Memory Interfaces
8.    Optimize High-Speed Serial Design
9.    Detect and Mitigate Jitter, Crosstalk, and Noise
10.  Leverage High-Speed Signal Processing for Equalization and Coding
11.  Ensure Power Integrity in Power Distribution Networks
12.  Achieve Electromagnetic Compatibility and Mitigate Interference
13.  Apply Test and Measurement Methodology
14.  Ensure Signal Integrity with RF/Microwave/EM Analysis Techniques

I encourage you to click around in the call for abstracts, look at sample topics, and the descriptions for the different tracks. I hope you accept our invitation to submit an abstract for DesignCon 2015 (Santa Clara Convention Center, January 27-30 2015). The opportunities include a half-day tutorial, conference paper, or panel format.

The deadline to submit your proposal is July 11, 2014.
See you in January at DesignCon 2015!

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