S-parameter puzzles for engineers

-January 12, 2015

Every engineer loves technical puzzles. That’s why we decided to become engineers. If you also are familiar with S-parameters, what could be more exciting than S-parameter puzzles?
If I have your attention, come join me for my second speed training event at DesignCon 2015, this one scheduled for Thurs, 2:50 pm in the Chiphead Theater. I’ll be presenting: “So you think you understand S-parameters? Here are some puzzles for you.”

In my usual style of engaging the group, I’ll be throwing out a few examples of measured or simulated S-parameters from interconnect systems and having the audience guess, “is it real or artifact” and if it is real, what is going on?
S-parameters can be confusing even on a good day, when everything is going right. Many engineers new to S-parameters blindly accept the S-parameters and “assume” the results are correct, because they are “too complicated” to understand. This is one reason why 90% of S-parameter files passed around have problems or are just wrong.
If you want to understand S-parameters so you are never intimidated again, you should take one of the S-parameter classes at the Signal Integrity Academy, or view the webinar I did on S-parameters. If you will be onsite at DesignCon 2015, the conference program includes more sessions on S-parameters, including a tutorial on Everything About S Parameters: Tips and Tricks for Correct Usage, another tutorial entitled Getting Street-Smart about S Parameters, and a paper session Cascaded S-parameter or Combined 3DEM Modeling for DDR4 Memory Channel Design?

If you think you understand S-parameters, and want to test your understanding, then you should come to this fast-paced Speed Training event, bring your thinking-cap and be prepared to have some fun. All the files I show will be posted at the Signal Integrity Academy after the event.

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