Top design and test products recognized at DesignCon

-January 29, 2015

Signal Integrity/High-Speed Test nominees:

R&S ZNBT Vector Network Analyzer, Rohde & Schwarz USA Inc.

Simbeor SI Software & CMP-28 Validation Platform, Simberian Inc. & Wild River Technology LLC

Tektronix PPG401 PatternPro, Tektronix

Infiniium S-Series Oscilloscopes, Keysight

M8195A 65 GSa/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Keysight Technologies

Winner: SV3C CPRX 4-Lane C-PHY Analyzer, Introspect Technology

The SV3C CPRX 4-Lane C-PHY Analyzer is an ultra-compact solution for the design, verification, and electrical validation of high-speed components based on the emerging MIPI Alliance C-PHY specification. C-PHY is a new physical layer standard that allows for significant bandwidth improvements on constrained transmission channels, such as those found inside mobile terminals. Based on innovative signaling and encoding technologies, C-PHY devices require an entirely new breed of test and measurement equipment, and Introspect’s SV3C CPRX 4-Lane C-PHY Analyzer represents the only tool in the industry capable of both analog signal capture and complete BER detection and protocol analysis. Unique to C-PHY technology is that signals emanating from transmitters are single-ended and multi-level in nature; yet receivers operate on differential signal pairs encoded in multiple phases. This means that symbol transmissions are not deterministic and are thus not easily visualized on conventional tools such as oscilloscopes or basic logic analyzers. The SV3C CPRX offers the only tool in the industry to automatically decode the symbol transmissions and display received packets in human-readable format. It has proven indispensible for first-time bring-up of early C-PHY test chips at leading adopters of the C-PHY standard.

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