Schematic for regenerative super het radio by Ron Quan

-November 29, 2011

I recently did a very popular post about Ron Quan’s regenerative radio. Ron was nice enough to send me the schematic. I also added it as an update to the original blog, but I figured you would want me to flag this with a new post as opposed to just editing and old blog post. So here are Ron’s comments:

  • Here is the schematic for the regenerative radio that was designed and built in 2007. I decided on a 1G5 tube, which is normally used for an audio output tube. My initial test showed that this radio, located in Silicon Valley, did quite well receiving KFMB (San Diego), KKOH (Reno, Nevada), and a couple of Sacramento stations. Later on, I picked up KOMO 1000 in Seattle. After getting the tuner section working, I had to decide on the audio amplifier. So I thought of “bridging” the older tube technology with germanium (2N217 and 2N1304) and silicon transistors (2N5089) for providing the audio.

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